Meet the CLRC Staff

headshot of Vandana Gavaskar

Vandana Gavaskar

Learning Support Services

LRC Rm. 123
Ext. 2673

Vandana Gavaskar brings twenty years of experience with evolving Learning Support Services at different institutions in addition to full-time teaching, research and administrative experience focused on fostering independent learning, developing faculty partnerships, and assessing student success for a diversity of students.

Vandana earned an MA at Miami University and a PhD in English from the University of Cincinnati with a Distinguished Dissertation (1995), joining the Rhetoric and Composition program at The Ohio State University as a Senior Lecturer (1993-2008). She subsequently taught at Old Dominion University (2009-2010) and the Elizabeth City State University where she was English faculty and the Director of the Writing Center and Quality Enhancement Plan (2010-2014). Most recently she coordinated the Supplemental Instruction program at Ventura College (2015-2016), and teaches English online at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). In these diverse contexts, she has been pursuing innovative learning pedagogies for working with students in the classroom and online, and in learning centers by designing tutor training programs, developing curriculum and robust assessments, and fostering dynamic faculty partnerships.

As the full time faculty Director of Learning Support Services Vandana is responsible for overseeing the research and development of SBCCs diverse tutorial programs and services both within the LRC and in satellite locations.


Headshot of Barb Freeman

Barb Freeman

Cartwright Learning Resources Center
CLRC, Rm. 122
Ext. 2666

Barb Freeman began her career at SBCC as a Writing Center Tutor and became the LRC Supervisor in January 2014. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Psychology from UCSB and subsequently completed additional coursework to learn more about Finance and Accounting. She earned her certification as a CPA through her work at a Big Four accounting firm, and she then served clients as a consultant on special projects until she was hired by Gap Inc. to work as an Analyst. The company’s commitment to serve the community allowed her to volunteer with local schools in the Bay Area and encouraged her to return to UCLA for her Master’s in Education. She then taught at urban schools throughout South Los Angeles, where she attained National Board Certification and became involved in projects that encouraged hands-on learning to engage students. As LRC Supervisor, Barb is responsible for multiple areas, including staffing, training, budget oversight and facilities.

Headshot of Violet

Violet Casillas

Office Assistant
Cartwright Learning Resources Center
Ext. 2670

Violet Casillas earned her B.A. in Journalism and Marketing at San Diego State University and the University of Autonoma Madrid. While in college, she was part of the Young Women Studies organization that met with underrepresented high school students and tackled issues on self-esteem, cultural competency as well as fostering the importance of higher education. By the end of the program most of the students had applied to a higher education institution who would have otherwise never applied. This is where her interest in the field of education began. As an Office Assistant, Violet focuses on serving the SBCC student body at the Front Counter and is more than happy to assist you with any questions.

Headshot of Jason Levy

Jason Levy

Tutorial Center Coordinator
CLRC Rm. 120
Ext. 2667

Jason Levy graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Sports Management. He continued his education and completed a Masters in Educational Leadership and Organization from UC Santa Barbara. Jason believes in the value of education and previously held the position of Director of Academics and Internal Affairs working with the UC Santa Barbara Men’s Basketball Team. While in the athletic coaching profession, he learned from great coaches leadership skills, discipline and techniques for empowering individuals to reach their highest potential. His passion is helping students reach the academic goals they set for themselves. In his current role, he works closely with the other members of the LRC staff as well as several departments across the college to organize and coordinate the operations, activities, programs and services of the Tutorial Center.

Headshot Julio Martinez

Julio Martinez

Media Technician
CLRC, Rm. 115
Ext. 2669

Julio Martinez received his AA degree in Communication Science and Applied Communication from Santa Barbara City College and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the California State University Channel Islands. His interest in the field of education began when he worked as a Peer Advisor for the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). In 2002, he began working for the Cartwright Learning Resources Center (CLRC) as a Counter Assistant, where he has also worked as Lead Counter Assistant, Writing Center Desk Assistant, Computer Tutor, and Sr. Office Assistant. Julio currently works as a Media Technician and participates in the research, evaluation, selection, and ordering of new media materials and media equipment, and he assists students, faculty, and staff in their use. He also provides faculty with computerized CLRC lab hour reports for their classes and assists with training the Front Counter Assistants.

Headshot Ivonne Ornelas Limon

Ivonne Ornelas Limon

Office Assistant
Writing Center
Cartwright Learning Resources Center
Ext. 2663

Ivonne Ornelas Limon has been part of the CLRC staff since 2014. In her role at the Writing Center desk, she helps students prepare for their tutoring sessions and offers support to students and staff. She enjoys seeing students become more engaged with their learning process. Prior to working at the Writing Center, Ivonne was in the Student Support Services office at SBCC’s Noncredit division. In 2006, she received her AA in Liberal Arts from Santa Barbara City College and also completed the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program at SBCC.


Regina Reese

Regina Reese

Lab Teaching Assistant
Computer Lab
Ext. 2658

Regina Reese graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She later graduated with a Master of Arts degree in photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Regina draws on her background in fine arts and media studies to support her role in helping students understand and gain the necessary technical skills to effectively support their own learning and digital literacy. As a Laboratory Teaching Assistant in the LRC Computer Commons lab and CAI Classrooms, Regina coordinates computer tutoring support for students. She trains, supports, and leads a team of dedicated computer tutors who provide computer tutoring and technical support to students using LRC computers. She provides as needed and one to one tutoring to students in their use of computers and supports faculty in their use of CAI Classrooms. Regina enjoys cultivating a friendly learning centered environment that supports students and tutors in their on-going pursuit of mastering the ever changing landscape of technology and computers.

Image of Therese Schweidler

Therese Schweidler

Lab Teaching Assistant
Computer Lab
CLRC, Rm. 109
Ext. 2658

Therese Schweidler received a B.S. in Biological Sciences from U.C. Davis. She worked in research laboratories in Immunology and Chemistry for several years, but after working with students with diverse learning needs in Special Education, she discovered a passion for education and learning. Therese’s other passion is Media Arts. The Learning Resource Center has been a great place to realize her dual interests. As a Lab Teaching Assistant in the Learning Resource Center computer lab, she enjoys her work with students, instructors, and other staff members in a place dedicated to learning and student growth.


Headshot Beth Taylor-Schott

Beth Taylor-Schott

Lab Teaching Assistant
Writing Center
CLRC, Rm. 109
Ext. 2671

Beth Taylor-Schott earned her B.A. at Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota.  She received her Ph.D. in Art History at the University of California at Berkeley in 2000, having written a dissertation on Rembrandt's nudes after living in Amsterdam for three years. She has taught Writing and Art History at UC Berkeley, USC and UCSB. She wrote for the Santa Barbara Independent for several years, served as a Poet in Residence with the Santa Barbara Poets in the schools, and offered classes in Non-Fiction Writing through Santa Barbara's Adult Education program. As a Writing Center LTA, Beth helps coordinate things in the Writing Center. She sometimes tutors or works at the desk, but mostly she trains tutors, supports their work, offers Writing Skills Workshops for students, and provides outreach to the campus about the services available in the Writing Center. Beth can be found in the Writing Center or her office, LRC 109.