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Program Resources

Welcome to the Dual Enrollment Resources page.  The information on this page is intended for educators interested in creating a Dual Enrollment Program.

Dual Enrollment Policy Manual 

The policy manual is a compilation of California Education Codes, California Assembly Bills, and Santa Barbara City College Board Policy that govern our Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment Program.  Please verify your school's board policy as it may differ from SBCC policy.

Policy Manual

Dual Enrollment Instructor Handbook

The Instructor Handbook is given to all of our instructors.  This quick reference guide outlines adjunct faculty responsibilities, course requirements, course request procedures, grading processes and frequently asked questions.

Instructor Handbook

Progression of Educational Model (PEM)

The Progression of Educational Model was created in 2011 and developed from our "Get Focused, Stay Focused!" Initiative.  It is a backward mapping approach that the Dual Enrollment Program and local secondary schools have adopted in an effort to better serve our local students.  The goal of PEM is to get all high school students career and college ready, with an informed, declared major, a postsecondary or college plan, and an online 10-year Career and Education Plan. 

PEM Poster

College Readiness Poster

The College Readiness poster is the result of a local collaborative effort, tied to the Get Focused... Stay Focused!Initiative which starts with the Freshman Seminar course in 9th grade and is followed by 16-hour curriculum modules in grades 10 – 12. As part of this Initiative, students create an online 10-year Career & Education Plan and develop an informed plan to achieve their personal goals. A critical component of this plan is student knowledge and understanding of college-readiness criteria.

It highlights the monetary cost of non-college level courses (the equivalent of high school level courses) taken at Santa Barbara City College. With approximately 70% of students entering SBCC with a need for remediation in either English and/or math, we hope this effort will help students plan for academic success earlier.

College Readiness Poster (Front)

In addition to this poster, we have developed a handout (8.5 x 11) version with a second page that breaks down the cost of enrollment fees, textbooks, the hours required for lecture, lab and homework in SBCC writing and math classes (note, reading classes were not included because a student who places at the college-level writing course is exempt from reading remediation). It also provides information about SBCC assessment and suggestions for what students can do in high school to ensure they are ready for college-level coursework after they graduate from high school. 

College Readiness Poster (Back)

Articulation vs. Dual Enrollment

This document provides information about the differences between articulation and dual enrollment.

Articulation vs. DE




















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