Dual Enrollment Policies

The college has the right to restrict enrollment for reasons of health and safety, preparedness of the student, availability and college board policy. Please review the program policies below to ensure you have a successful experience at SBCC.

(References- California Education Code: Sections 48800-48802, 76001, 76300)

  • Santa Barbara City College allows eligible 9th – 12th grade students to register in a maximum of 10.0 college units during the fall and spring semesters (Seniors a maximum of 12.0 units) in order to enrich their educational experience.

  • Students may enroll in most college level courses, provided they meet the necessary prerequisites. The following classes may not be taken by high school students: English 60-100; Math 1-104; DSPS courses, ESL 29-100, Health 101 is open to students 17 years of age or older. Additional course restrictions may be included at the discretion of the college.

  • When a course has a pre-requisite requirement, it means that a student must demonstrate pre-existing knowledge and/or skills to be successful in the course. To petition to satisfy a pre-requisite by means other than a qualifying SBCC assessment level or a qualified SBCC course please visit the Prerequisite and Corequisite page.

  • All students planning to enroll in English or math classes must qualify on the SBCC assessment tests. For details on testing hours, exemptions,  or college English or math course work, please visit the Assessment Center page.

  • High school students are not required to pay SBCC enrollment fees. However, students taking courses on the SBCC Campus are required to pay a Health Fee and a Transportation Fee. Students taking SBCC courses online are only require to pay a Health Fee. In addition, those seniors that enroll in 12 units or more will be assessed the per unit fee for all registered classes. For a current list of fees, please visit http://www.sbcc.edu/fees. Other costs, such as materials and books, are to be paid by the student. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student is only enrolled in SBCC classes on a high school campus, the Transportation and Health fees are not assessed. In addition, materials and books must be provided by the high school.

  • For courses taught on the SBCC Campus, it is the student’s responsibility to log into his or her Campus Pipeline account to register for course(s). Please note, that submitting an approval form and application to Admissions & Records does not register you in the course. It is the student’s responsibility to register for the course(s) in Pipeline.

  • All SBCC Dual Enrollment students are responsible for complying with the rules and regulations of the college as published in the SBCC college Catalog and schedule of classes.

  • The grade(s) you earn in your SBCC class(es) will become a part of your official college academic record. For students attending local service-area high schools, SBCC sends a final semester grade report to the Registrar of the high school you listed on your application for admission. It is your responsibility to make sure you have received high school credit. Check with your Registrar to be sure your SBCC grade(s) has been posted to your high school transcript. Students may also view their course grades by logging into their SBCC Pipeline account. Please note students must make satisfactory academic progress (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and completion of 67% of courses attempted) to maintain eligibility for financial aid when they begin SBCC as a full-time college student.

  • Students must secure parent consent and counselor approval to register in SBCC classes. Students also need to complete a current online application to SBCC. Links to application and approval forms can be found on our Apply and Register page.