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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How long does it take to get a refund?

Approved partial semester drops will be processed and mailed approximately 5 to 6 weeks after the add/drop period.  Please check your Pipeline account balance to verify if refund has been processed.

Approved full semester drop refunds submitted before the start of the semester, will be processed and mailed approximately 2 to 3 weeks upon receipt.

2.  How do I get my refund?

REFUNDS ARE NOT AUTOMATIC.  You must drop your classes via pipeline by the course deadline.   Courses dropped after deadline are not refundable.  Your student account will be credited if courses are dropped within the course deadline.  Refunds are not automatically generated.  You must complete a "Request For Refund Form".  A  check will be sent to you. Please update your mailing address in Pipeline. The refund check will only be sent to the most current mailing address on your Pipeline account. If you want the refund to be directly deposited to your bank account, please set up ACH payments in Pipeline. Navigate to Pipeline, / "Student Account", / "Refunds", / "Direct Deposit Sign Up", then follow the set up instructions. There are two ways to request a refund. 

     A.)  Student Request for Refund Form (English) (Español)

Submit the completed form in person to the Cashier's Office in the Student Services Building, by FAX to (805) 897-3576, or by mail to SBCC/Cashier's Office, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA, 93109. Unsigned forms will not be processed.

     B.) Electronic Request for Student Refund Form – Request for Refund Form can be submitted by email. Click on the link to open the form. Fill out the form completely. Save the form.  Email the form from your Pipeline email address as an attachment. For security purposes, Electronic Request for Refund Forms will NOT be processed if it is not sent from your Pipeline email address.  Please email to

If you submit a refund form electronically, you will receive a confirmation email from cashier's office either to inform you that the form was received and accepted or the form needs to be re-submitted due to incomplete status.

3. Is there a fee to request a refund?

A $10.00 per session processing charge will be deducted from enrollment fee refunds. The charge does not apply to classes cancelled by the college.

4.  Are Mandatory Fees refundable?

Mandatory fees are not refundable if classes were dropped after the first two weeks of the semester. 

5.  Do I have to drop the class if I decide not to take the class?

As the student, you are responsible for dropping classes by the stated deadlines.  If you register in a class and later change your mind, it is your responsibility to drop the class. Review your schedule/Bill for course deadlines.  Log on to and go to Registration and Student Records.  Follow the instructions on the Add/Drop Classes page for dropping a class.

Fee Type 
Enrollment Fee

Out of State Tuition

International Tuition
Each Class has its own refund deadline.  That information is in your pipeline account under "My Schedule and Bill".  You can also find the refund deadline by looking up the CRN number in the class schedule on the school's web site.   

Health Services Fee

Transportation Bus Pass Fee

Student Representation Fee

Student Activity Fee

100% for students withdrawing from SBCC prior or during the FIRST two weeks of the semester.  After the first 2 weeks of the semester, NO refunds are given for these fees.  For more detail on refund date requirements, please see your pipeline schedule/bill.

Student Activity stickers and transportation stickers MUST BE RETURNED

Parking Permit Fee                             Parking Permits must be returned intact to the Cashier's Office (SS-150) prior to the FIRST day of the semester for a refund. (Please note: the $3.25 convenience fee which covers shipping/handling is non-refundable.) NO PARTIAL REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.


Deadline To Submit Student Refund Form
Spring 2016 May 13, 2019
Summer I 2016 June 25, 2019
Summer II 2016 August 6, 2019
Fall 2016 December 10, 2019

 Students are not eligible to a refund after the deadline date.

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