Student Account Holds

To View Your Hold:

  • Select Student tab
  • Select Student Records
  • View Pre-Registration Requirements and Holds

Holds are placed on your student account to provide you with information about possible restrictions to college services such as registering for courses, ordering transcripts and receiving a diploma.

If you have a hold on your account placed by a department other than the Cashier's Office, please contact that department directly.  We cannot release holds placed by other departments.​  

Bookstore Holds Campus Bookstore (805) 730-4047
Dean's Holds Dean, Ed. Programs-Student Services (805) 730-4078
Registrar and other Holds Admissions and Records (805) 730-4300
Assessment Holds Assessment Center (805) 730-4149
Advising Holds Counseling Center (805) 730-4085
Orientation Holds Outreach and Orientation (805) 730-4450
Disqualification Holds Student Development (805) 730-4078
Financial Balance Holds  Cashier's Office (805) 730-4197
Parking Citation Holds Cashier's Office (805) 730-4197
Collection Holds  First Financial Resources * (800) 747-2302

Explanation of Student Account Holds and Releasing them:

Financial and Outstanding Balance Holds -  If you have a financial hold due to a fine, fee or penalty, or have an outstanding balance, you can resolve it by paying the balance in full. Log in to Pipeline to make payment by Visa or MasterCard, or visit the Cashier's Office to pay your debt. Holds will automatically release within 30 minutes of payment processing.


Parking Citation Hold - Parking Citations are issued when an individual has parked without the proper permitting or in an illegitimate parking space.  A hold is placed on the appropriate student account when the parking citation has passed the 21-day contest period and the citation has been submitted to the DMV.  For more information about Parking Citations, contact the Security Department.   Resolve the hold by paying the balance in full as follows: 

  • Pay in person at the Cashiers Office. Be prepared to provide your student ID (K#).
  • Online at * - Note the PayMyCite hyperlink is a Third Party vendor website; accessing the site will take you away from this page.
  • Pay by Phone Toll Free: 866-450-2527 *

* Contact the Cashier's Office after you have paid your citation in full in order to have your hold released.  Please consider it could take up to 24 hours to process the payment.

Collection Hold -  SBCC works with First Financial Resources. If your debt has been passed on to a collection agency, you must contact the agency directly for resolution. They will provide you an opportunity to pay in full or to make installment payments. Students may request a payment confirmation email be sent to for a release of your student account hold.  Confirmations are received within 24 to 48 hours.

First Financial Resources *
One Clarks Hill, Suite 302
Framingham MA 01702-8172

Call Toll Free: 800-747-2302

*Note the First Financial Resources hyperlink is a Third Party vendor website; accessing the site will take you away from this page.