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Campus ID Card

  • Dining (receive a 5% discount if you use your card in the cafeteria, snack bars, coffee carts or JSB Cafe)
  • Bookstore

Login to Campus ID Card Account in Pipeline (Pipeline login required)


Parents, friends and others can now add value to a student's Campus ID Card through the Guest Deposit feature!

The guest must have the person's Student ID Number ("K" Number) before making the deposit.

Click the link below and follow the instructions on the right side of the screen carefully to add value to a Campus ID Card:

Campus ID Card Guest Deposit (no login required)


CampusCard Terms and Conditions

Card Holder Agreement
General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will govern the use of the Campus Card Account.

  1. The CampusCard Account is non-interest bearing.
  2. Only the person pictured on the CampusCard is authorized to spend money from that account.
  3. The college reserves the right to change the account terms and conditions at any time. If a change reduces, limits or restricts the account holders' rights under the terms and conditions, the college will give at least twenty (20) days prior notice by email. However, if an immediate change is necessary for security reasons, the college may first make the change and then notify the account holder.
  4. Santa Barbara City College reserves the right to utilize any and all data and images for official college business.
  5. To receive a CampusCard, individuals must be an active SBCC student, faculty, or staff member. Students can get their CampusCard (regular student ID card) in the Admissions area located on the first floor of the Student Services Building.  Faculty and staff can get their CampusCard at the Campus Security Office.  Faculty and staff will need to present a valid Drivers License or other government issued photo identification.
  6. Use of the CampusCard constitutes acceptance of the policies contained within the cardholder agreement.


  1. Currency deposits in an amount of $1 or more may be made at any time at the CampusCard Kiosk in the Student Center.
  2. The CampusCard Kiosk accepts cash and major credit cards: Visa and MasterCard.
  3. Web deposits are available by going to Pipeline and clicking on the campus card tab.
  4. Guest deposits can be made at


  1. Cash withdrawals from the CampusCard Account are not permitted.
  2. Refunds by check are mailed if:
    1. A written request is received by the CampusCard Administrator and the account holder graduates, withdraws or is dismissed from the college, and/or terminates employment, and
    2. Refunds will be processed for the account balance minus a $10 closing fee. Checks will be issued only if the refund amount is greater than $1. You are encouraged to spend the remaining account balance to avoid the closing fee.
  3. Refund checks are written in the name of the account holder and mailed to the current address on file in the office of Admissions & Records for students or Human Resources/Payroll for staff.
  4. An account will be closed automatically when you are no longer a registered student. Employee accounts are closed on the employees' last date of employment with the college.  Any remaining balance in accounts automatically closed may be forfeited to the college.
  5. Books and merchandise returned to the Bookstore will be refunded according to the existing Bookstore refund policy.

Summary of Fees

  1. No charge for initial issuance of CampusCard
  2. There are no transaction fees for purpose transactions or for deposits
  3. $10 refund processing fee

Error Resolution

If you believe that your account was improperly charged, take a copy of your sales receipt or account statement to the location at which the transaction occurred. Unchallenged transactions greater than 60 days old are deemed valid. For other account problems or questions, contact the CampusCard Administrator at 965-0581 x3457.

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