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What We Do
The  Business Services Division provides support for Santa Barbara City College faculty, staff, and students and the community at large from the departments listed below.  Link to a department to obtain more information.
The mission of this unit is to manage the fiscal services, campus bookstore, administrative services, campus development, facilities and operations, food services, purchasing, and security divisions of the College. This unit serves the mission of the College by:  

  • Providing the students, staff and faculty with a clean, safe, comfortable, well maintained and user friendly environment.
  • Ensuring that all applicable state and federal laws, education code, board policies and procedures are followed and incorporated into the operating procedures.
  • Providing food, goods and services that meet the needs of the college population.
  • Administering risk management, loss control, workers compensation and employee safety programs.



Lyndsay M. Maas
Acting Vice President - Business Services

Alexandra Forbes Thierjung
Administrative Assistant III (Confidential)


SBCC encourages sustainable transportation. Incentive programs for students and staff are available for the current semester for those who commute sustainably to the main campus, via bike, walk, bus, train, carpool, skate, or the new main campus shuttle operating from Garden street or the Wake Center. Additionally, two Zipcars are located adjacent to the college at the Beach City Apartments. For more information, check out

Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to maintaining a high quality of life in the community, particularly for those who study, work, or live in the Santa Barbara Harbor area. As part of these efforts, SBCC has worked with the community to evolve its Long-Range Development Plan (LRDP), which guides development on the SBCC campus. Since 2000, SBCC has produced a Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) for the California Coastal Commission, as a condition of the development ideas presented in the LRDP.  The 2014 Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) serves as an update to the 2009 TDMP. This report documents the history of the TDMP process since its inception in 2000; the current travel conditions on SBCC’s main campus; the goals of the 2014 TDMP; short-term, long-term, and ongoing TDM strategies; and funding and implementation considerations. 

Campus Development: The Vice President Business Services oversees the Capital construction projects on campus. The college mission is to safely, effectively and sustainably develop and maintain the campus facilities in response to the growth demands and needs of the campus community at large.


Director: Robert Morales

The Administrative Services Department provides broad risk management, loss control and employee safety programs; administers workers’ compensation claims; and operates special event scheduling.  Administrative Services enhances the educational and work environment by controlling liability and workers’ compensation claims and insuring legal compliance and thereby improving employee productivity and reducing self-insurance rates. Community Services facilitates educational experience and positive community relations by scheduling ad hoc special events.

Director: Paul Miller

The Campus store supports the mission of SBCC by providing course materials, supplies, and merchandise in cost efficient, easily accessible formats. The Campus store is committed to providing exceptional customer service and high quality products while partnering with campus constituents to achieve mutual goals. Furthermore, the Campus store endeavors to grow and expand future services and to operate a financially responsible business that invests back into SBCC in support of student programs and activities. SBCC's Campus store is also committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of our community. This department strives to make our customers feel a sense of belonging by providing products that are high quality familiar, fairly priced and sustainable.

Director: Robert Morales

In collaboration with Security, Emergency Services aims to bring the College into compliance and ensure ongoing compliance with emergency preparedness regulations, protocols, procedures and laws; ensuring ongoing readiness for all aspects of emergency or disaster preparedness and response. This area is consistently developing its emergency preparedness procedures for the campus and employees, students and faculty by designing, planning and conducting readiness and response trainings which strengthen the campus's ability to respond and recover from an emergency. These plans include our Safety Marshals training, campus wide drills and exercises, and interfacing with local police, fire and disaster agencies and those organizations responsible for emergency planning and response mutual aid/response in our community.

Interim Director: Robert Morales

Custodial: The mission of the Facilities Custodial department is to provide both day and evening staff to assist in the set up of campus events, unlocking of doors, cleaning and stocking restrooms, classrooms and offices, emptying trash and recycle cans and response to general sanitary concerns in order to provide a clean and safe environment for faculty, staff and student use campus wide.
Grounds: The mission of the Grounds department is to maintain and enhance all landscaped areas on the college campus in a manner that provides our students and staff with a safe, clean and attractive environment.
Maintenance: The mission of the Maintenance department is to focus on proper maintenance to keep buildings safe and functional. The Director oversees routine building maintenance and state funded projects. The college mission is to safely, effectively and sustainably develop and maintain the campus facilities in response to the growth demands and needs of the campus community at large.
Transportation:  The mission of the Transportation department is to provide and safely maintain district-recognized vehicles for faculty, staff and students of the college needing transportation off-campus, and to govern that all drivers are district-approved and properly licensed to operate each district vehicles according the Santa Barbara District Driver Rules, Procedures and Information Policy and the Vanpool Guidelines.

Controller: Lyndsay Maas

The mission of Fiscal Services is to provide superior customer service to all areas of the college community while maintaining the fiscal integrity of the District through adherence to and compliance with sound business practices, district policies and regulatory agencies’ requirements in order to safeguard District resources and assure continuation and stability of the institution. The Fiscal Services unit provides centralized business functions which support the instructional and administrative programs, management of financial resources and financial reporting in compliance with internal and external requirements. Fiscal processes are guided by the core values of the District. The areas of Fiscal Services include: Accounting, Cashiers Office, Payroll, and Student Finance.
Director: Marc Sullivan

The mission of Food Service is to provide quality food, a safe, secure, clean, and reasonably priced dining environment conducive to the academic and personal development of the diverse range of individuals and groups that utilize the campus.  Our unit services the mission statement of the college by providing the campus community and guests with high-quality foods and services in a variety of settings. This is accomplished by being innovative and responsive to the changing needs and desires of our customers, while operating in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner. Our unit also works directly with the student population providing employment opportunities that are flexible and molded according to their class schedules. We are pioneering new sustainable and recycling practices and implement these principles in all of our affairs.

PURCHASING (Bids, Contracts, Shipping and Receiving)
irector: Robert Morales

The mission of the Purchasing Department is to support and enhance the education of students by purchasing goods and services requested by the District based upon an impartial open competitive vendor selection process that complies with applicable laws and District policies and achieves the lowest available acquisition cost consistent with the specified features, functions, quantity, quality, level of service, and required delivery time. By procuring and delivering the items requested by the campus community, we provide the proper tools and services required by faculty and staff to perform at the level required to perform their jobs.

Director: Erik Fricke 

The mission of the Security Department is the commitment of providing a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors by establishing a peaceful learning atmosphere where all people can attend safely and without fear. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and personal integrity. We are also committed to developing and exploring new and innovative ways to achieve our goals in providing a safer environment. We strive to provide the college community with outstanding customer service and professionalism while balancing the enforcement of the policies and procedures that we are charged to uphold.
Security Office (805)730-4064
Security Emergency Phone (805)730-4200 from off campus or cell phone or x2400 from a campus phone

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