Student Sustainability Committee

Meeting: Fridays 11:15am-12:15pm   
Location:  Student Senate Room CC 223

The SBCC Student Sustainability Coalition is on a mission to educate the campus and community about the impacts of humans on the environment and best practices with regards to the use of our natural resources.  We are working with the administration, faculty, staff, students, and community organizations to build an infrastructure at Santa Barbara City College that will create a model for sustainable practices and foster an awareness and attitude of using our resources wisely. 

Recipient of the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Leadership Award for Student Engagement 2016

To become a member of the group's online communication forum:

SSC Google Drive

SBCC District Sustainability Plan

SBCC District Sustainability Plan Website

California Student Sustainability Coalition

SBCC Sustainability Fund

Community Sustainability Links:

UCSB Sustainability

Community Environmental Council

Environmental Defense Center

LOA Tree

Quail Springs

Casitas Valley Farm

Fairview Gardens

Mesa Harmony Garden

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Homeowner's Guide to Sustainability (Thanks Jennifer, Mikayla, Jamie, and Taylor for the suggestion)

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Adam Green

Student Commissioner

Natalie Blackwelder

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