College Facts

Student Headcount (Unduplicated)

2015/2016:  30,372

As of September 2016

Full–Time Faculty: 259
Adjunct Faculty: 555 (487 credit + 68 noncredit)
Full–Time Staff: 394
Management: 46

Degrees Awarded: 2,285
Certificates Awarded: 1,428
Successful Course Completion Rate (Grade of A, B, C or CR): 72.3%
Transfers to Four-Year Institutions*: 3,498
*Reflects 2014–2015 data, as 2015–2016 data are not yet available

Note: Many students attend SBCC to obtain basic English or math skills, improve or advance current job skills, or for personal enrichment and do not aspire to earn a degree or certificate or transfer to a four–year institution.

African American: 3.8%
Asian/Filipino/Pacific Islander: 9.6%
Hispanic: 36.4%
American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.5%
Other Non-White: 0.3% 
Two or more races: 4.9%
Unknown: 1.5%
White: 43.1%

Female: 52.7%
Male: 44.8%
Unknown: 2.5%

Unit Load
Full Time: 28.1%
Part Time: 71.9%

Day Only: 33.7%
Evening Only: 5.6%
Online Only: 9.5%
Online/Weekend/Mixed: 51.2%

Under 25: 66.9%
25–34: 16.8%
35-44: 7.5%
45-54: 4.9%
55-60: 1.9%
61-65: 1.0%
65+: 1.0%

Frequently Asked Questions - Enrollment 2015-2016

How many of the students came from the Tri-Counties area (Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura Counties)?
68% of the students came from the Tri-Counties; 21% from other counties in California; 5% out of state; and 6% international.

How many of these students came from Santa Barbara County?
61% of the students came from Santa Barbara County; 28% from other counties in California; 5% out of state; and 6% international.

How many students came from the Santa Barbara Community College District (from Carpinteria/Summerland to Gaviota)?
57% of the students came from in-district; 32% from out of district; 5% from out-of-state; and 6% international.  

How many local high school graduates enrolled at SBCC?
43% of the June 2014 local high school graduates (Carpinteria Unified School District and Santa Barbara Unified School District) enrolled at SBCC in the fall semester 2015.

SBCC serves local high school students through the Dual Enrollment Program.  How many high school students enrolled in the 2014-2015 academic year?
2,089 local high school students were enrolled as dual enrollment students in the fall semester 2015 and 2,108 students in the spring semester 2016.  



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