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Frequently Asked Benefits Questions

The benefits information presented in this web site is a summary only and does not confer any rights. The information is subject to change without notice. For more information, please read the information provided by your benefit provider or contact them directly. 

As a new employee, when do my benefits start?

For classified (non-teaching) staff, your medical benefits start on the first of the month following your date of hire by the Board. For certificated (teaching) staff, your medical benefits start on October 1 of the year in which you are hired.

What benefits does the college offer to full-time employees? 

What benefits does the college offer to part-time employees?

If you are a probationary part-time or permanent part-time classified employee, you are eligible for the same benefits as full-time employees, however the district pays only a pro-rated share of the costs. For instance, if you are a half-time (.5 FTE or 50%) employee, the district pays 50% of the cost, if you are a three-quarters time (.75 FTE or 75%) employee, the district pays 75%, and so on. Hourly (temporary, part-time) classified employees are not entitled to benefits. Part-time hourly Continuing Education, non-credit adjunct employees are not eligible to participate at this time.  For part-time hourly, credit adjunct employees, please refer to

Does SBCC cover domestic partners?

Yes.  Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) will provide medical and dental insurance for same sex domestic partners age 18 and older and opposite sex domestic partners age 62 and older.  This reflects our compliance with AB205. 

When do my benefits end/renew?

The benefit year is October 1 through September 30th of the following year. When you are first hired and each Open Enrollment period thereafter, you are required to fill out a benefits enrollment form indicating your benefit choices. For new and renewing programs such as life insurance and the flexible benefits (IRS Section 125) programs, you are required to fill out additional enrollment forms. If you are making changes in your selection of benefits, you will be required to fill out change forms.

What/when is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the period each year (usually July and August) when employees choose and/or make changes to their health and dental benefits.  Once you receive your Open Enrollment packet in the mail, you can enroll in your choice of benefits. For instructions, see the Open Enrollment section.

Important note about Open Enrollment

Please note that Open Enrollment is the only time you can change from one medical or dental insurance plan to another. During the plan year, you are allowed to add or remove dependents if certain specific qualifying events occur.  Contact Sharon Remacle if you need additional information.

How do I change doctors, clinics, or dentists?

Contact your medical or dental provider directly.  Please refer to

If I have medical coverage through my spouse's employer, in addition to my coverage with Santa Barbara City College, how do the two coordinate?

Your coverage with Santa Barbara City College is primary for you; that is, it will pay first and any balance due will then be charged to your secondary coverage under your spouse. For your spouse, the reverse is true: their coverage with their employer is primary and their coverage with SBCC is secondary. For dependent children, it goes by the parent's birthday, assuming that the children are listed as dependents on both policies. The parent whose birthday is earliest in the year determines the primary coverage for the dependents. For instance, if your birthday is January 5th and your spouse's is October 27th, the dependents primary coverage is with your insurance.

What if I travel outside of California or one of my dependents lives elsewhere?

All of our medical plans cover emergency services outside of the area. There is a copayment for using an emergency room, unless you are admitted to the hospital overnight. In addition, the Anthem Blue Cross plans allow you to select a doctor anywhere in the United States. If you or your dependents are going to be working or living outside of California or the United States for extended periods, you may want to consider switching to one of the Anthem Blue Cross plans. Except under special circumstances, you can switch plans only during the annual Open Enrollment period.

What about changes in address, employment or family status?

Changes in address, employment (e.g. from part-time to full-time or vice versa), changes in family status (e.g. marrying, divorcing, or adding dependents), and/or changes in life insurance beneficiaries may require you to fill out change forms. Changes, such as adding a spouse, newborn or newly adopted children may occur at any time, provided that you apply for benefits within 30 days of the marriage, birth, or adoption. Otherwise, your dependents cannot be added until the following year's Open Enrollment. For more information, please contact Sharon Remacle in Human Resources at extension 2713.

What happens to my benefits if I quit or lose my job?

Your benefits terminate at the end of the month in which your termination occurs.  Once your benefits cease, it is likely that you will be eligible for COBRA.

Retirees - PLEASE NOTE!

If you are planning to retire within the next benefit year, you should not waive your benefits if you want to participate in the District benefits after retirement. You must be enrolled in one of the District medical plan options at time of retirement in order to continue your benefits after retirement.

Can I waive my benefits and receive cash in-lieu?

You can waive your medical benefits only if you can provide proof of comparable coverage as a dependent on another plan.  The current waiver allocation is $2,000.  Cash-in-lieu: if the total cost of the mandatory benefits is less than the District's maximum allocation, then the remainder shall be relinquished to the District, except for those who are waiving coverage.  If you waive medical insurance, you will receive cash-in-lieu of $2,000, minus the cost of the mandatory life and disability insurance and minus the cost of Golden West dental, if elected.  If you are choosing the waiver, you must signify your acceptance of the Section 125 Flexible Benefits option as well (NOTE: You do not need to establish a Section 125 account).

Who decides what benefits are offered to employees?

The various bargaining units, such as the Classified School Employees Association and the Instructor's Association, negotiate the benefits packages. The Santa Barbara City College Benefits Committee decides on benefits policies and procedures. The committee is made up of representatives from each of the bargaining units, Fiscal Services, and Human Resources. For input on committee issues or decisions, contact the appropriate representative.

Who do I call with questions about benefits?

For questions about claims, contact your benefits provider directly. For specific questions about benefits, contact your provider directly. The names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites of all providers are listed under If you have other questions or problems please call Sharon Remacle in Human Resources at extension 2713. For questions about payroll deductions, rates, and tax-sheltered annuities (403b), contact Estela Lopez in Payroll at extension 2305, Rosie Tower at extension 2342, or Sharon Remacle at extension 2713.

What discounts are City College employees entitled to?

Education/personal development
City College employees are entitled to audit (without credit) one regular course per semester at no charge. Employees may also take one Continuing Education course at no charge.

Professional development
Many opportunities for professional development are available at City College. The Faculty Resource Center offers classes and assistance to faculty involved in applying technology to the classroom. The Staff Resource Center in Information Technology offers computer classes to all employees. The Professional Development Center offers work based skills training for South Coast businesses.  Santa Barbara City College employees may enroll in these classes at no cost by sending an email to Kathy Rowley at  Current class schedules are at For Classified staff, completion of approved courses may qualify you for Professional Growth credits towards salary increases. See

Athletic, dramatic, and musical events
Show your faculty /staff ID card to receive discount.

Santa Barbara City College Bookstore
Faculty/Staff cardholders receive a 10% discount on clothing, school supplies, art supplies and general books, i.e. novels, reference etc.  Items NOT eligible for this discount are textbooks, software and food.



Health/Fitness clubs
Many local fitness clubs have corporate rates for which City College employees qualify. For information, contact the membership department of the club you're interested in.


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