Trust and Auxiliary Funds

Trust and Auxiliary organizations are separate legal entities authorized in the Education Code to provide essential services to students and employees. They operate in association with campuses pursuant to special written agreements, and are authorized to perform specific functions that contribute to the educational mission of the campus.

SBCC trust and auxiliary organizations have been in existence for many decades as a necessary supplement to state supported instructional and administrative activities. These organizations are subject to applicable state and federal laws and regulations. In addition, they operate within the policies established by the Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees.

The trust and auxiliary organizations must be self-supporting. They do not receive funding from General Fund sources. They derive revenue from various  sources such as student body fees, fundraisers, programming ticket sales, private donations, and with the generous support of the SBCC Foundation. Pursuant to existing laws and policies, the materials and services provided by the campus to these separate entities are paid for by the trust and auxiliary organization. 

 Request for Reimbursement

Complete and Attach all receipts to your Request for Payment and collect two signatures from approved signers.  Original Receipts are required.

Request for Reimbursement Form - Fillable PDF (Single Budget Code)

Request for Reimbursement Form - Fillable PDF  (Multiple Budget Codes)

Missing Receipt Acknowledgement

Complete and Attach the Missing Receipt Acknowledgment form to any Requests for Payments or Credit Card submissions for which a receipt can not be supplied. 

Commonly Used Account Numbers 

Reference Cheat Sheet 

Signature Cards for Trust, Auxiliary and Club Funds 

Complete Google form

Funds Transfer Request Form

Transfer Request between Trust & Auxiliary Funds 

Transfer Request between Trust/Auxiliary Fund and the General Fund

Emergency Grant Request

Fillable PDF

Cash Box Request Form

Fillable PDF