College Achievement Program

Supporting students one CAP at a time!

What is CAP?

SBCC’s College Achievement Program (CAP) is geared towards those students that are facing academic/personal challenges and are committed to achieving their degree goals. CAP is not simply a college program, our goal is to help students develop strategies that will allow them to effectively balance their studies and personal demands and help them fulfill their academic potential.

Why CAP?

CAP will help students develop an education plan, and explore financial aid and scholarship opportunities. A student mentor with previous experience in balancing personal challenges with academics will be there to help you during your classes.  In addition, it will help students develop effective study skills and apply those skills across academic disciplines.

Is CAP free?

Yes, CAP is scholarship funded therefor you don’t need to pay additional fees to be part of it.

How can I apply?

To apply, submit the application attached with this form and include all your responses. Submit all references and required paperwork to Jody Millward located at IDC 326B. A screening committee will review your application.

When can I apply?

Application deadline is the first week of each semester.

Who can apply?

Click here to apply.

You must plan to take the College Achievement Course and a minimum of two other classes. If you are part of EOPS or you’re an international or out of state student, you are ineligible to apply to the program.



APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted through first week of classes—IDC 326B

Please type or print clearly: TURN IN TO: IDC 326B or email to


Name                                                                K #                                       



            Street address                         City                              State            Zip Code

Phone number (where we are most like to reach you)                                                         

1.  Please provide information on your academic background (check all that apply):

             High School graduate                                            Year of high school graduation

             G.E.D; Year received                                              Second year SBCC student

             First year SBCC student                                        Other                          ­­­­


2. What are your educational goals? (Please check all that apply.)


             Associates Degree

             Transfer to a four-year college or university


3.  Have you declared your major?         Yes               No

If yes, what is your major?                                                                                      

If you have not declared your major, what classes or areas of study most interest you?                                                                                                                                                


4.  Are you planning to work while you attend SBCC?                        Yes                No

If yes, approximately how many hours a week are you planning to work?                  

5. Are you a member of EOPS:                  Yes                              No

6.  Name of reference:                                                                               

(Put current teacher’s name above if you have no other reference)


7Achieving success in college often means balancing different types of responsibilities—including school, family (responsibility for children, siblings, parents or others), work, and personal finances—or meeting academic challenges (including re-entry, underperformance, etc.). CAP is designed to help you achieve this balance. On a separate sheet of paper, please briefly describe your personal goals, strengths, and your academic or personal challenges. Please make sure to include your name and to attach your response to this application.


For more information please visit SBCC CAP website: