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Santa Barbara County Map


Listed are neighborhoods near or surrounding Santa Barbara City College with the closest listed first:

Walk SBCC: There are many apartment complexes within walking distance of SBCC: Buena Vista Apartments, The Cliff Apartments, La Brezza, and Cliff House Apartments. Their contact information can be found here.

The Mesa: Many apartment complexes and family homes, popular with students because of its nearness to campus.
Also very close to shops, restaurants and the beach.

The West Side: Mainly homes with some apartments. Some parts of the West Side are considered to be within walking distance to SBCC.

Downtown: The essence of Santa Barbara. There are many houses, apartments and studios available close to shops, restaurants, and entertainment.
Also, some areas of downtown are considered within walking distance to SBCC.

The East Side: Apartments and room rentals can be lower in cost than most areas but further away from campus.

Goleta: The town that boarders Santa Barbara with a population of about 65,000. Mainly family homes with some apartments with rooms to rent. Quiet suburban neighborhoods. Further away from the SBCC Campus than some students prefer to be.

Isla Vista (I.V): Primarily apartment buildings filled with students. 16,000 people with more than half being college age students (18-24yrs). Closest to the UCSB campus and the beach. Home to the only Residence Halls (dorms) that City College students have access to: Tropicana Gardens and Tropicana Villas. The furthest away from Santa Barbara City College.
Distance to SBCC according to Google Maps: 11.6 miles, 17 minutes.

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