Readiness Assessment Quiz (HTML)

How well would Distance Learning courses fit your circumstances and lifestyle?

1. My need to take this course now is:
High -- I need it immediately for a specific goal.
Moderate -- I could take it on campus later or substitute another course.
Low -- it could be postponed.
2. Feeling that I am part of a class is:
Not particularly necessary to me.
Somewhat important to me.
Very important to me.
3. I would classify myself as someone who:
Often gets things done ahead of time.
Needs reminding to get things done on time.
Puts things off until the last minute or doesn't complete them.
 4. Classroom discussion is:
Rarely helpful to me.
Sometimes helpful to me.
Almost always helpful to me.
 5. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer:
Figuring out the instructions myself.
Trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help as needed.
Having the instructions explained to me.
 6. I need faculty comments on my assignments:
Within a few weeks, so I can review what I did.
Within a few days, or I forget what I did.
Right away, or I get very frustrated.
 7. Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time I have to work on a Distance Learning course is:
More than enough for an on campus course.
The same as for a class on campus.
Less than for a class on campus.
 8. Coming to campus on a regular schedule is:
Extremely difficult for me -- I have commitments during times when classes are offered.
A little difficult, but I can rearrange my priorities to allow for regular attendance on campus.
Easy for me.
 9. As a reader, I would classify myself as:
Good -- I usually understand the text without help.
Average -- I sometimes need help to understand the text.
Slower than average.
 10. When I need help understanding the subject::
I am comfortable approaching an instructor to ask for clarification.
I am uncomfortable approaching an instructor, but do it anyway.
I never approach an instructor to admit I don't understand something.