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What We Do

This Academic Senate committee is creating a dialogue about teaching and learning at SBCC.

The committee meets 2nd/4th Mondays, 3:00 p.m.

Campus Initiatives Related to Learning Faculty Groups and 
 Committee Minutes Services and Support for Working with Students 

 Writing and Reading Across Curriculum


Universal Design
 Recommended Educational Journals and Websites  Faculty Resource Center 

Functions and Responsibilities of CTL

1. Identifies and facilitates the incorporation of strategies that enhance student success in the classroom and through campus learning support services (Library and LRC). 
2. Works closely with instructional faculty and Student Services to integrate student success initiatives campus-wide.
3. Serves as liaison between faculty and Library staff on policies affecting utilization of the library, its resources and other faculty matters.
4. Serves as liaison between faculty and LSS staff on policies affecting utilization of the LSS, its resources and other faculty matters.
5. Provides oversight and general direction on tutorial allocations, and policies for operation of the LSS (Library/LRC).

Committee Members 2015-2016

Chair: Patrick Foster, Construction Academy/Technologies
Academic Senate Liaison (non-voting)  Laurie Vasquez /Educational  Support
** Mark Ferrer, Faculty Professional Development /Faculty Resource Center


Business Education Division- TBD
Educational Support Division - Lydia Aguirre-Fuentes, Elizabeth Bowman, Jerry Pike Camila Acosta
English/English Skills Division- Jennifer Baxton, Sarah Boggs
Fine Arts Division- TBD
Health and Human Services Division - Sarah Orr
Mathematics Division- TBD
Modern Languages/ESL Division
Physical Education/Athletics Division - Sandrine Krul
Sciences Division - Doug Folsom
Social Science Division - TBD
Technologies Division - TBD

Educational Programs Dean Liaison (non-voting) - Alice Scharper

 Membership requirements from bylaws back to top

1 LSS/LRC Director 

1 Library Director (or designee) 

1 LRC Supervisor

11 Faculty (1 from each division)

4 Faculty at large (no more than a total of 3 from any one division)

Resource - Anita Cole, Senate 

Pedagogy: Teaching Design and Practice  back to top

SBCC teaching tips

Learning theories

Institute of Learning Technologies, Teachers College Columbia University

Basic Skills Initiative Database of Effective Practices of Teaching Basic Skills Students

instructional design models

strategies to check student learning

Samples of:

  • rubrics
  • lesson plans
  • assessment tools
  • syllabi
  • Learning objects 

Campus Initiatives Related to Learning  back to top

This is an area where faculty might find information about sources of support for their teaching efforts

SSSP: Goal and contact info

SEP: Goal and contact info


BSI: Goal and contact info (state program)

iPath: Goal and contact info

STP (STEM Transfer Program)Support for students looking to transfer in STEM fields

Faculty Groups and Communities back to top

New faculty teaching and learning seminar

FIGS [Faculty Inquiry Groups]

Make Waveswhere our SBCC community -- students, staff and faculty -- can bring ourInstitutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) to life by making them visible across the entire campus.

COI [Committee on Online Instruction]



Committee Minutes back to top


Writing and Reading Across Curriculum  back to top

Universal Design: Goals and contact information   back to top
Principles of Universal Design for Education

Recommended Educational Journals and Websites  back to top

Services and Support for Working with Students  back to top

DSPS Support for students with physical or learning disabilities


OnTrack/GradesFirst Early intervention system for underperforming students

Counseling services



CLRC workshops

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