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Board Goals

 Annually the Santa Barbara Community College District Board of Trustees establishes a set of goals which represent its priorities for the year.  These goals provide a focus for the Board and institution and inform the public of issues of importance to Santa Barbara City College as it advances its mission and purpose.


Annual Goals
(Adopted on August 24, 2017)

 Many Board goals reflect continuing multi-year efforts where significant progress has been made and is expected to continue, while others are more immediate and date certain.   Some goals are intended to be accomplished directly by Board members while others provide policy direction for the entire college and are primarily delegated to the Superintendent/President.  The following goals are divided to clarify these distinctions and are not in order of importance.

 A. Long-Term and Continuing Goals for the College

 1. Student Access and Success 

  1. Support the Superintendent/President, faculty and staff in the redesign and implementation of the student experience through the California Guided Pathways initiative, reducing barriers to student success, increasing student completion (Associate degrees, transfer and Certificates), reducing time to completion, and increasing the success of disadvantaged students.
  2. Increase access with a focus on local needs and disadvantaged members of our community of all ages.
  3. Grow the School of Extended Learning in areas of diverse noncredit programs, pathways from noncredit to credit programs, and concurrent support efforts for credit programs.
  4. Expand Career Technical programs leading to jobs with a focus on local needs.
  5. Help the Foundation build the SBCC Foundation’s Promise Program and support the integration of college systems with the Promise Program.
  6. Continue to diversify our employees.
  7. Maintain high standards to insure both safety and security for employees and students, including a policy of zero tolerance for sexual assault.
  8. Maintain a culture of civil discourse. 

2. Fiscal 

  1. Follow FCMAT’s advice to develop and maintain a balanced budget by the end of 2020 and continuing thereafter, where reserves are not used to pay for ongoing expenses.
  2. Maintain current set aside for Campus Center improvements.
  3. Make efficient and effective use of our resources – fiscal, human, and facilities – in support of our mission.

3. Community Focus 

  1. Continue community outreach and engagement by the Superintendent/President and all college employees.
  2. Support partnering with educational systems, community employers, and local institutions, foundations, and nonprofits.
  3. Continue implementation of a unified communications program that includes listening to our community’s ideas, needs, and concerns.
  4. Identify and support local workforce needs and educational programs for ages 0 through life.
  5. Continue work with other local entities to improve affordable housing including workforce and student housing to reduce local college impact.
  6. Support nonpartisan civic engagement among students and the community.

4. A Strong Board/College Relationship

Support our Superintendent/President in engaging the Board early on and at the policy level in the development of major college decisions and initiatives.

B. Focused College Goals for 2017-2018.

Complete development of a Facility Master Plan, with policy support from the Board that prioritizes construction and modernization needs, reflects the optimal college size, promotes student success, and focuses on major College priorities.

C. Goals for Individual Board Members. 

  1. Remain mindful of the Board’s policy role.
  2. Support the SBCC Foundation with a personal contribution, assist the Foundation to encourage the development of new and ongoing donors, and attend Foundation events.
  3. Attend College events.
  4. Continue our professional education and be informed about college programs and local and national educational issues.
  5. Be informed about and attentive to college accreditation matters.
  6. Participate with the Superintendent/President in community outreach and engagement events.

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