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2014-15 Board Goals

 Annually the Santa Barbara Community College District Board of Trustees establishes a set of goals which represent its priorities for the year.  These goals provide a focus for the Board and institution and inform the public of issues of importance to Santa Barbara City College as it advances its mission and purpose.


Annual Goals
Adopted: August 28, 2014

Student Success
 Provide leadership to support the educational goals of our students by:

  1. Promoting effective academic, student support, and co-curricular programs and practices which contribute to student success outcomes and are aligned with the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012 and the state’s Student Success and Support Program.
  2. Ensuring implementation of the college’s Student Equity Plan.
  3. Supporting efforts to scale effective practices to address college readiness.
  4. Ensuring that long-term facilities improvement and modernization needs are addressed through:
    1. Completion of the Program Location and Land Use Master Plan (PLLUMP) process.
    2. Completion of a Facilities Master Plan
    3. Measure S planning
    4. Measure S implementation, if successful, in a purposeful and transparent manner. 

Provide leadership as the college completes the institutional self-evaluation study in preparation for ACCJC’s comprehensive site visit in Fall 2015.

Board Relationships
Provide mentorship to, and foster a constructive working relationship with, the new Trustee who will be seated in December 2014.  

Fiscal Oversight
Ensure that the institution's integrated planning process and long-range plans inform college priorities, serve as reference points to maximize opportunities, and drive the allocation of resources.

Institutional Effectiveness
Enhance the institution’s effectiveness by completing the update of all board policies and administrative procedures and ensuring a sustainable process is in place for regular policy and procedure review and update.

Provide leadership as the college engages with the community to address issues, challenges, and opportunities of mutual interest and concern. 



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