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Vocational Nursing Application Procedure


  1. Proof of high school graduation or equivalency. "Official" high school transcripts (in a sealed envelope sent directly from your high school) are required.
  2. Completion of Anatomy and Physiology within the past five years . A minimum grade of "C" in a 3- or 4-unit college Anatomy and Physiology course. (BioMed 100 at SBCC is acceptable.) If you anticipate earning an ADN (RN Program), BioMed 107 and BioMed 108 are required.
  3. Completion of Healthy Aging 201 (or equivalent Gerontology course) with a minimum grade of "C". 
  4. Eligibility for Math 95 – Elementary Algebra (previously Math 100).
  5. Eligibility for English 98 – Fundamentals of Composition (previously English 100).
  6. Eligibility for English 103 – Improvement of College Reading Skills.
  7. C.N.A. Certificate - current, or, if expired, CNA experience within the past two years.

NEW! The Memory Care program will meet the CNA requirement and can be taken in lieu of CNA.  Call the Health Technologies Office 805-730-4166 for information.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their program application one year prior to the start of the full-time portion of the program (even if prerequisite are in progress), because applicants are invited to take the TEAS exam at SBCC with the VN program director.  The TEAS results will determine if the applicant must take ENG 87 Reading for Nursing and/or Math 103 Nursing and Allied Health Math, which are offered one semester prior to the start of the full-time part of the VN program.  Every student who begins the full-time portion of the VN program will have either tested out of ENG 87 and Math 103 based on TEAS exam results OR passed the courses with a grade of C or higher.



A new cohort begins every third semester:  Fall 2017, Spring 2019, Fall 2020, etc.

  1. Applications are accepted on a year-round basis, even if prerequisites are in progress.  Interested applicants are encouraged to apply at least one year prior to the program's start.  The application itself does not guarantee acceptance into the next cohort, however, applicants who are in the applicant pool are invited to an orientation meeting that includes specialized testing within the year prior to the start of the cohort.
  2. You must submit the following to the Health Technologies Office:
    Completed VN Application
    Proof of Eligibility shown by:
    a) Submission of results of SBCC assessment tests showing eligibility for Math 95, English 98, and English 103, OR
    b) Submission of SBCC transcripts showing eligibility for Math 95, English 98 and English 103, OR
    c) Submission of transcripts showing completion of the equivalent of Math 95, English 98 and English 110 on another college campus.
    d) Submission of transcripts showing completion of Anatomy and Physiology within the last five years and Gerontology or Healthy Aging course with a minimum grade of "C".
    e) Proof of high school graduation OR equivalency by official transcripts.
    f ) Proof of CNA certification

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE APPLICANT TO VERIFY RECEIPT OF TRANSCRIPTS AND COMPLETION OF FILE. Have transcripts sent directly from high school and college(s) to the Health Technology Office (see other side for address). Request SBCC transcripts from Admissions to Health Technology.

BEFORE ENTERING THE LVN PROGRAM: Students are required to:

  1. Attend Program Orientation Meeting (time and date to be announced)
  2. File an SBCC application in the Admissions Office the semester prior to beginning classes at SBCC
  3. Complete the SBCC physical examination on SBCC form including immunizations.
  4. Obtain a CPR card which must be kept current throughout the program
  5. Pay a materials fee at registration for the first and second semester.
You must be in good health to participate in this program. Applicants are required to have passed a health examination. If, at any time (either before or after acceptance into the program), a student’s physical or emotional health is such that it it’s a potential threat to the well being of patients, the applicant will be denied admission to, or subsequently withdrawn from the Program.

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