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Application Requirements

The application process has changed from a wait list to a multi criteria selection process.  Each cohort will be filled with a combination of students from the preceding application period and the existing wait list until the existing wait list is exhausted.  No new students will be added to the wait list.  

For the Fall 2016 cohort, the application period, February 1 through 29, 2016, is now closed.   

For the Spring 2017 cohort, the application period, June 13 through July 15, 2016 is now closed.

Please check back to this website for future application periods, and also any updates to the process. 

Students who are not selected for admission will have the opportunity to reapply.   To reapply, submit a new ADN program application and a "Intent to Remain in Selection Pool" form during an application period.  Applications will remain on file for two years from the date that the initial application was received.  If a student is not selected for admission during that time, a new application and supporting documents must be submitted.

LVN to ADN applicants:  Applications will be accepted during the application period only for entry in the following fall semester.  LVN to ADN students begin in the fall semester, complete three semesters of the program and graduate the following December. 

All Prerequisites must be completed and the grades included on transcripts at the time of application.


Each of the following must be a college course completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Courses taken pass/no pass will be calculated as a “C”. 

  1. Intermediate Algebra: at SBCC Math 107 or 111 or assessment into Math 117 or higher 

  2. English Composition and Reading: at SBCC English 110

  3. Anatomy with lab: (at SBCC BMS 107) must at least 4 semester or 5 quarter units 

  4. Physiology with lab: (at SBCC BMS 108) must be at least 4 semester or 5 quarter units 

  5. Microbiology with lab: (at SBCC BMS 127 or BMS 157) must be at least 4 semester or 5 quarter units 

  6. Overall GPA of 2.0 in all college coursework (this meets graduation requirements) 

All Prerequisites must be completed and the grades included on transcripts at the time of application.

A Health Technologies counselor can determine if courses taken at other colleges will meet SBCC pre-requisites and requirements for graduation, and assist you in planning your SBCC coursework. You must have an SBCC application on file to meet with a Counselor in person, online or by phone. To speak to a Health Technologies Counselor, contact the Academic Counseling Center at 805-965-0581, ext 2285. You may also email your questions to the Health Technologies Counselors, using the following webform:


During the application period, submit to the Health Technologies Office (may be brought in person or mailed to:  SBCC, School of Nursing, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA  93109):  Office Hours:  Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please note that during the summer months, the office may be closed on occasion due to short-staffing.  In this event, the applications may be brought to the Information Desk and will be put in our mailbox. 

Mailed documents must be RECEIVED by the last day of the application period.

*If you are new to SBCC, you must apply to the college so that an email account will be set up for you.  This is the only email that will be used to communicate with the applicant.

  1. Program Application 
  2. Application checklist 
  3. Supporting Documentation Form, if applicable  
  4. Copy of LVN license, if applying to LVN to ADN bridge
  5. Transcripts:  Official (sealed) transcripts from all colleges attended other than Santa Barbara City College OR a print-out from your pipeline account showing the transcripts that the Admissions Office has received.  SBCC transcripts will be obtained internally after the application is received.
  6. Official (sealed) high school transcripts (waived if college transcripts post an Associate or Bachelor degree).

All Prerequisites must be completed and the grades included on transcripts at the time of application.

The TEAS is required by the end of the application review period.  Applicants who have submitted complete applications will be offered the opportunity to test at SBCC at no cost to the student.  TEAS scores are factored into the applicant's overall points for the selection process.

For the June 13 through July 15 application period, TEAS V is required.  Applicants who have not taken the TEAS V will be given the opportunity to test at SBCC during the month of July; the dates will be given after submission of the nursing application.

Note:  On August 31, 2016, a new TEAS test will be implemented; it is called ATI TEAS.  For more information on this, please visit the ATI website:  The sixth edition study manual is available now on the ATI website.


To view the points distribution from a particular application period, click on the link below 

Fall 2016 application selection 


  1. LVNs:  LVNs who have met all prerequisites and who have a current LVN license may apply to the LVN to ADN bridge program during an application acceptance period, and will be selected using the multi-criteria selection process.  LVNs may pursue one of two program options to qualify for RN licensure.  Specific information regarding these options and their different program requirements is available on this webpage:  LVN to ADNs are admitted to the program once per year.

  2. San Marcos High School Health Careers Academy CNA Program Graduates who have met all ADN program prerequisites may be given expedited entry to the ADN program.  Students who meet this criterion should contact the Health Technologies Office for specific information.  Phone 805-730-4166 or email  

  3. International Nurses:  Nurses from countries other than the United States may be admitted, on a space available basis.  To apply, the applicant must submit the ADN program application and a letter from the California Board of Registered Nurses.
  4. Re-entry students:  Re-entry students must re-apply to the ADN program and will be admitted on a space-available basis.  If they have been out of the program longer than two years, they must meet current program prerequisites.

  5. Transfer Nursing Students:  May submit an application at any time. 
    Students previously enrolled in a state-accredited registered nursing program within the past year and in good standing (no failed courses), may transfer into the SBCC ADN Program on a space available basis.  Transfer students must meet all SBCC ADN Program application and entrance requirements. 
    Transfer students are required to provide a letter from the previous nursing program(s) verifying performance and  placement in theoretical and clinical levels, in addition to official transcripts and course descriptions of the nursing courses taken from the catalog year that they were completed.



A minimum score of 62% on TEAS Version V (five) is required for admittance to our program.  Applicants who have submitted complete applications will be offered the opportunity to take the TEAS at SBCC - at no cost to the student - during the application period after receipt of student's completed application.  If you have taken the TEAS test elsewhere, you  must have ATI submit results directly to SBCC.  We will not accept a copy from the student.  Students whose results do not meet the minimum score will be required to complete remediation. 



It is highly recommended that you have completed all of the General Education courses required for the Associate Degree in Nursing prior to starting the program.  The list of courses are found on this webpage:  (scroll to page two).  For the corresponding list of G.E. requirements, click on this link: 













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