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Welcome to the School of Modern Languages

Program Description

We live in a world of economic, industrial, technological and political interrelationships, where skills in languages other than English are useful and needed. The knowledge of languages is the key to the understanding and appreciation of value systems and social attitudes of different cultures. Furthermore, acquiring communication skills in other languages facilitates the exchange of ideas and transactions, increases awareness and appreciation of this diverse world.

The need for skills in other languages is evident on a daily basis. The global community's demand for concise and productive communication requires fluent language and culture skills. Whether for recreational purposes, business, or other endeavors such as politics, health, science, education, art or government, learning another language is imperative.

On a practical level, learning a new language, with the implied development of critical thinking and creative skills, is intellectually stimulating. World travel, literature, music, fashion, cuisine, cinema, sporting events... are some of the areas open to exploration and enjoyment through a second language.  

And last, but not least, opportunities for better employment and higher salary increase when we master another language, giving us a competitive edge in the global economy.


Honors and Awards

Outstanding Students

Each Spring Semester the SoML chooses outstanding students from all languages taught and they are celebrated as distinguished Modern Languages students. Selections are made on the basics of academic excellence and linguistic achievement. We also choose two outstanding students who are recognize at the Outstanding Student Awards Banquet. 

Claire Brossoit Hoffner Scholarship

For Study of the French Language Claire Hoffner, a dedicated French instructor at SBCC from 1967 to 1991, has established this scholarship to provide support and encouragement to motivated students who are studying the French language. It is available to students studying French in SBCC’s School of Modern Languages. Applicants must carry nine (9) or more units and be enrolled in at least one (1) French language course each semester. They must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and be U.S. citizens. They may be entering, continuing, reentering, or transferring students. Recipients may use the award for tuition, fees, books, and/or expenses of living, childcare, transportation, and/or travel costs. Scholarship applications can be found in the Financial Aid link

Luria Japanese Language Scholarships

Application Period: 2 weeks in October (Fall Semester) and in March (Spring Semester) 

Award: $300 each for two students

Luria Japanese Language Scholarships are awarded to two students every semester. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled in any Japanese language class during the semester that they wish to be considered for this scholarship. Applicants do not need to be full-time students. Selection shall include a review of a standard scholarship application and personal essay in English. Award of this scholarship is based on academic achievement and financial need.

In your application, please mention how in the future you will use Japanese language skills you have been learning in class.

 Apply online:

Francisco Moreno Santacruz Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to transfer students who intend to study Spanish at a four-year college or university immediately following graduation from SBCC, with the goal of either a major or a minor in Spanish language studies. Applicants must carry at least twelve (12) units and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their Spanish language studies. Applicants may be U.S. citizens, international students, or have permanent resident status. Recipients must use the award for tuition, fees, books, and/or expenses of living, childcare, transportation, and/or travel related to the Spanish language. Selection shall include review of a standard scholarship application and personal essay. Award of this scholarship is based solely on academic achievement. Scholarship applications cab be found in the Financial Aid link

The Rotary Club of Montecito Foundation Scholarship for the Study of Chinese Language

This scholarship is intended to provide support and encouragement to students who demonstrate an ability and enthusiasm to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Preference given to students with financial need in the broadest terms. Minimum GPA required: 2.5. Two awards each semester. Scholarship applications can be found in the Financial Aid link


Sigma Delta Mu Spanish Honor Society  

This honor society has been in existence since 1979, and has its foundation in Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica), which was established on November 14, 1919, at the University of California, Berkeley. Sigma Delta Pi is the nation’s largest honor society in the field of foreign languages.

Membership in Sigma Delta Mu is a highly coveted honor that will enrich your life while you attend Santa Barbara City College, and also remain with you as you pursue other educational or career goals. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to join this prestigious honor society, which exists in over 70 two-year colleges across the United States.

The purpose of Sigma Delta Mu is four-fold:

  • To honor women and men who strive for and attain excellence in the study of Spanish and in the knowledge of the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples
  • To honor those who work to disseminate the contributions of Spanish speakers to world cultures
  • To encourage a greater interest in and a deeper understanding among college students of the cultures of Spanish speakers
  • To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between Spanish-speaking and others

The benefits of belonging to this honorary society include:

  • Academic recognition of personal accomplishments
  • Peer support group
  • Individualized attention from the Spanish faculty
  • Encouragement for continued scholarship in the field
  • Exposure to opportunities for those interested in the Spanish language and literature to join with like-minded persons

To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed at least one semester of college Spanish and be enrolled in a second semester or higher
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better in all Spanish college courses
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better in all college work
  • Be genuinely interested in issues related to the Spanish speaking world

 To learn more about the opportunities that accompany Sigma Delta Mu membership you can contact Dr. Juan Casillas, Chapter Advisor, at (805) 965-0581 extension 2486 or by email at for more information.


Department Offices

Administrative Office (H-323, ext. 3575)

Dr. Francisco Rodríguez, Chair (H-323, ext. 2408)

Jens-Uwe Kuhn, Dean (A-116, ext. 4339)

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