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The EOPS staff is extremely committed to student success. We take pride in empowering our students to effectively identify and pursue their academic and career goals.


Student Services Building - Second Floor - Room 204
805 - 730-4079

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EOPS Director

Marsha Wright: wright@sbcc.edu 965-0581 x2304

Academic Counselors

Paloma Arnold

arnoldp@sbcc.edu 805-897-3464

Camila Acosta

cracosta@sbcc.edu 805-730-4249

Eli Villanueva

villanue@sbcc.edu 805-730-4094

Student Program Advisors (SPA)

Ale Martinez:  Serves Running Start Students

abmartinez@sbcc.edu - 805-730-4141

Danny Gonzalez:  Serves students with last name M-Z

drgonzalez2@sbcc.edu - 965-0581 x2561

Noel Gomez:  Serves students with last name A-I

gomezn@sbcc.edu  805-892-3653

Silvia Suayfeta-Cortez:  Serves students with last name J-L 

cortez@sbcc.edu - 965-0581 x2293

Chelsea Lancaster: Serves all CalWORKs and CARE students (Single parents, CARE, CalWorks)  

lancasterc@sbcc.edu 965-0581 x4754

Administrative Assistant II

Tim Stone

trstone@pipeline.sbcc.edu 805-730-4426


Cynthia Munoz

cgmunoz@pipeline.sbcc.edu 805-730-4079







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