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Tutor Schedule

Free Chemistry Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring for chemistry classes is available in PS 112 beginning the second week of summer school.

 The following tutoring schedule is subject to change; please see updated versions as they are posted in various locations and on the chemistry webpage.

Starting at

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 8:30  tutor    tutor    
 9:00  tutor    tutor    
 10:00  tutor    tutor    
 1:00    tutor    tutor  
 2:00    tutor    tutor  


 4:30    tutor    tutor  

*Qualified to tutor O-chem. Other students welcome too!

Organic chemistry courses are not offered during summer school.

Please note:
Tutors will not pre-grade assignments that are to be turned in for credit.
Tutors cannot give exclusive attention to any one student.

 Private fee-based tutoring: If you are interested in private tutoring, please contact the tutor and ask them if they are available for private tutoring and what their hourly rate is. Private tutoring is an arrangement between you and the tutor and is not part of the free drop-in tutoring provided by SBCC.                                                                 

last updated 6/14/14

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