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SBCC Commute

Sustainable Transportation Options and Incentives 

SBCC Commute is a program supporting the colleges' Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) and the Districts Sustainability Plan. SBCC is commited to the betterment of health and sustainability in our community. Our goal is to mitigate the parking crisis at Main Campus and incentivize students and staff to reduce the Single Occupied Vehicle (SOV) parking impact.

Since 2014, the SBCC Commute program has reduced SOV by 13%, expanded infrastructure, added a DIY bike shop, and increased the number of stakeholders that commute sustainably to Main Campus. SBCC Commute provides regular updates of goals and accomplishments during New Employee Orientation, Vacquero Welcome, and campus inservice days.

Scroll to the very bottom for information on Electric Vehicles.

Check out bike routes video Downtown to SBCC youtube video!!!

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Sustainable Modes of Transportation Include: Carpool/Vanpool, Scooter/Motorcycle, Bicycle, Skate, Walk, Transit or Other Ridesharing (Lyft, Taxi not included) 


 CAMPUS Do It Yourself "DIY" BIKE SHOP - IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SBBIKE/BICI CENTRO Open M-F 11-3pm During the School Semesters

SBCC Bike Shop

DIY help



    • One random student will win $100 on their ID cards or two may win $50, winnners are picked from Instagram #sbcccommute participation.
    • To win you must be a current SBCC student and follow @sbcccommute on social media, and have tagged a photo of your method of sustainable commute or attended an event with hashtag #sbcccommute or #noSOV or #commutesustainably
    • Dont have social media? Send us an email with your photo of how you commute sustainably!

Insta Winner

    • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @SBCCcommute
    • Carpool 10 times during the first 8 weeks of the semester and keep each of the daily carpool slips provided by security/kiosk (this is your proof)
    • Complete this permit refund form to register for the refund
    • Bring your 10 carpool slips to the Security Office (located under the bridge on Loma Alta) by the end of the 9th week of the semester. The refund will be credited to your student identification card at the amount you purchased your semester permit for. Daily permits purchased at machines are not applicable to the refund offer. 
    • Questions? Email
  • See more resources available for students on the upper right hand side of this website



    • SBCC has a sustainable transportation incentive program for employees. If you commute in a non-single occupied vehicle you can earn up to $40  per month!! Track/report your daily commute days using and register with SBCC as your employer.
    • *Financial incentives are available for current permanent employees, including permanent part time. Financial incentives are not available to temporary part time or hourly workers (student workers).
    • What is interfaces you with all commuting options in your area, its a free matching service and also tracks your commute so you can earn your incentives without the hassle of driving. Use your SBCC pipeline credentials and start today.
    • Participation is during the academic year (summer incentives not included). 
    • How to get Started: 
      2. Click “Register to Join”
      3. Complete the sign-in or sign-up process.
      4. Click “Incentives” from the top toolbar, navigate under active, completed, or available on the top left
      5. Click PLAY to “Start” the incentive for the month. We recommend you ‘start’ ALL incentives under the tab. Only need to do this once.
      6. Log your commute trips regularly with under “Dashboard
      7. At the end of each month claim your incentive with (you have until the 5th of the following month to submit). The incentive groups will be reported automatically to SBCC you do not need to do anything else.
      • Confirm you are part of the commuter program ( reporting)
      • Get Approved as a District Driver (Employees only). In order to operate a district vehicle you must be an approved district driver and an SBCC employee. Employees must register as a district driver to use any college vehicle. Please contact Administrative Services A120 to begin the approval process..  The process can take up to two weeks to become an approved driver.  Please plan accordingly.  
      • Email for car reservations
      • CarShare (TWO ECars) Available for Employee personal use during the day.  An electric or hybrid vehicle can be reserved for 2 hrs at a time during 8am– 4pm Monday –Friday. Overnight or extended use is permitted by the Vice President of Business Services.  
        • The hybrid Ford CMax #80 is on the West campus with key check out through Facilities & Operations Building. 
        • The electric Ford Focus #81  is on the East campus with key check out through Administrative Services A120.
      • Ecars are not intended for regular use - email to reserve college vehilces for college business.
      • Ecars are for employees who commute to campus and need the car for daytime use as part of their incentives for doing so.

Ebike Employee

  • Electric Bikes (EBIKES): Available for check out !!!!!!!!!!
    • Electric bikes (Ebike) are available for Program participants who need to take short trips off campus. Electric bikes can be reserved for 2 hrs during 8am– 4pm Monday – Friday. If bikes are available, staff may check them out to ride home during the night and bring back daily to campus. If demand exceeds supply, we will use the lottery system or you may share. Please contact for more information.
    • As of Fall 2018, there are 8 Ebikes available. All Ebike lottery members are required to store the bike inside over night, lock it when not in use, and use a helmet at all times.
      • 5/week users have priority
      • 3/week users have next priority
      • 1-2/week users may be asked to rotate, share or return an ebike to participants who ride more
      • Use of Ebikes are a priveledge not a right
      • Replacements of lost or damaged ebikes will not be made
      • We expect you cover and/or secure the Ebikes at all times when not in use (do not use bike racks on campus). Use Campus Bike Sheds, Office or Bike Lockers storage on campus, and secured at home.
  1. Complete the electric bike safety course (through SBCC Bike Shop located adjacent to East Campus Bridge). Contact SBBIKE Education Director <> to schedule a safety course. Also let know when you complete the course.
  2. Complete the SBCC electric bike share loan agreement form.  Return this loan agreement/waiver to Administrative Services (A120) or email the completed copy to
  3. To request or reserve an electric bike, email 
  4. When steps 1 , 2, and 3 are complete, participants will be granted access (via key card) to electric bikes located in the East Campus Bridge Bike Shed. Each bike has a lock assigned to it.
  5. When returning electric bike please secure in Campus Bike Shop Bike shed and lock bike. Return keys to Bike Shop or A120.





Email for more information regarding Bike Shed Access and Bike Locker availability.

Shower Facilities

Shower facilities are located in the Physical Education building, please email if you would like access and you are signed up with You must be signed up for the current incentive program with to get shower access and report your daily commuting. The access list is generated from current users. Staff and students who sign up for commuter program access to showers must bring a form of ID and a combination lock to the women’s equipment room, 2nd level of sports pavilion to be issued a locker and gain an access code.

Electric Vehicle Parking on Campus

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations require a SBCC parking permit (see SBCC Transportation Map). Eelctric Vehicles are part of the colleges sustainability efforts and do not help reduce the problem we face with single occupied vehicle parking space on campus. We do however, believe it is important to support as many EVs as we can in balance of other parking demands.

SBCC has eight (8) stations currently located on campus:

  • (4) Lot 4d on the East Campus
  • (4) Lot 1B on the West Campus (above La Playa Stadium)

Check Charge Point. ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network with over 26,300 locations.

Public Use: 

Lot 1-B Staff only 7am-11pm, Student 5:30pm-11pm
Lot 4-D Staff only 7am-10:30am, Staff and public 10:30am-11pm

Ettiquett: We ask that you please move your eCar from the charging stall when charge is complete so that other users may access the charging stations on campus. Please email to be connected with an email group of eCar users and coordinate among each other for as needed access.

SBCC encourages electric and hybrid vehicles! Read SBCC’s newpaper coverage by The Channels article about Campus Electric Vehicles


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