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Art Scholarships

2015-16 Scholarship Award Recipients
2015-16 Atkinson Gallery Awards List
MARCH 2, 2015

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201516 Art Scholarship Poster



Awarded to a deserving student printmaker.  Recipient will be selected based on portfolio review by the Art Department faculty.  The recipient for this award will also be granted membership to the Santa Barbara Printmakers Association, which will allow him or her to enter the association’s exhibitions.

Minimum GPA required: None

Provided by: Santa Barbara Printmakers Association


VENTURA POTTERS GUILD AWARD IN CERAMICS________________________________$150            

Awarded to a first or second year student engaged in the study of ceramics in SBCC’s Art Department.  Recipient must be currently enrolled in 12 units, including art classes. (Please note: Lacking full-time student applicants, part-time students may be considered by the selection committee.) Applicants must show potential to excel in ceramics. The award will be presented at the annual student show to a student who shows potential in the ceramic arts. A portfolio of between three and six pieces of art should be submitted to the Art Department faculty by the third Friday in March. The Art Department faculty are free to nominate potential recipients in addition to any applications received. A thank you letter and a photograph of the student and his/her work is required.(B7094)

Minimum GPA required: None. 

Provided by: Ventura Potters Guild.



Established by Ken and Shannon Osborne in memory of their son, Adrian “Ozz” Osborne (1977-99), who was an SBCC art student at the time of his untimely death. Adrian exhibited a larger-than-life passion for art, and is remembered by friends, fellow students, and instructors for his positive attitude, sense of humor, laughter, and zest for life. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student majoring in Art. Entering or continuing students enrolled in 9 or more credits, and in good academic standing, who have demonstrated financial need and who exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for their chosen field of art are eligible. (D7231)  

Minimum GPA required: 2.5

Provided by: Ken and Shannon Osborne, and friends and family of Adrian Osborne



Established to carry on the memory of Frederick Perl, architect and artist, by his wife, Santa Barbara collage artist Ursula Perl, during her lifetime. Awarded to deserving and talented students majoring in Studio Art at SBCC. Recipients will be selected by the Art Department Chair, based on portfolio review and upon the recommendation of Art Department faculty. (D7116)   

Minimum GPA required: None

Provided by: Ursula Perl during her lifetime


STUDIO ART EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP___________________Up to $1,000

Awarded to deserving and talented students majoring in any facet of Studio Art at SBCC. Recipients will be selected based on review of a submitted portfolio and upon the recommendation of Art Department faculty.  Students who are continuing their studies at SBCC enrolled in (nine) 9 or more credits and in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Applicants should exhibit a genuine dedication and enthusiasm for their chosen field of art. Awarded based on merit. Number of awards may vary annually based on the judgment of the Art faculty review committee’s assessment of portfolios submitted. (B7444)

Minimum GPA required: not applicable

Provided by: Anonymous Gift

SANTA BARBARA ART ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP ____________________________$1,000

This award is given to an outstanding visual art student at Santa Barbara City College to honor SBAA founding members Douglas Parshall and Wright.  The award check from the Association will be presented at SBAA’s Annual General Meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  The student winning the award as well as a faculty advisor and parents if local are invited to attend as guests of the Association.  At this meeting, the winning student is also encouraged to display some of their work if they would like to share it with the Association.

Provided by: Santa Barbara Art Association


ELI LURIA HONORARY SCHOLARSHIP IN STUDIO ART____________________________ $4,500

This scholarship provides support for an outstanding SBCC studio art major who is transferring to a four year art studies program or a professional art institute.  Eligible applicants must be enrolled in 12 units per semester, be in good academic standing, and demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for continuing the study of art. Preference is given to those with financial need. (D7345)  

Minimum GPA required: 2.5

Provided by: Friends, Family and Admirers of Eli Luria



2015-16 Art Scholarship Logo



 2014-15 Art Scholarship Logo

Laguna Clay Gift Award,  $50
Sarah Shank
Laguna Clay Gift Award, $50 
Tyler Zarker
Outstanding Student Award, Art Studio, $100 and a one-year Student Membership to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara
Ryan Peters
Outstanding Student Award, Art History, $150 and a one-year Student Membership to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara 
Valerie de Luca
Diane Handloser Award in Art History, $100 
Caitlyn Wild
Cengage Publishers Art History Award, $100
Lashon Halley
Santa Barbara Printmakers Award, $100
Ray Barsante
Ventura Potter’s Guild Award in Ceramics, $150 
Kaitlyn Plante 
Adrian “Ozz” Osborne Memorial Art Scholarship, $500
Isabella Manfredi
Frederick and Ursula Perl Endowed Art Scholarship, $500                     
Amber Silva
Ben Eckert
Santa Barbara Art Association Scholarship Award, $1,000
Sasha Colbert   

2014-2015 Annual Student Exhibition Award Winners

Santa Barbara City College 

Primo Um, Advanced Ceramics
Yanely Delgado, Intermediate Drawing
Emma Clark, Intermediate Painting
Sumio Ueda, Advanced Painting
Veronica Ivanta, Beginning Printmaking
Byron Blanco, Intermediate/ Advanced Printmaking
Jose Solis, Beginning Sculpture
Isaac Hernandez, Intermediate Sculpture
Katilyn Plante, Advanced Sculpture
Brady Freeman, 3D Design
Jennifer Ringer, Beginning Ceramics
Jean-Dwight Ledbetter, Intermediate Ceramics
Norman Krohn, Advanced Ceramics
Yi (Sam) Xuen Zheng, Beginning Drawing
Hugh Grant-Chapman, Intermediate Drawing
Kathi Scarminach, Beginning Painting
Karl Blasius, Intermediate Painting
Stanley Holder, Advanced Painting
Cedar Conway, Beginning Printmaking
Sasha Colbert, Intermediate/Advanced Printmaking
Mindy Cheng, Beginning Sculpture
Trevor Zarker, Intermediate Sculpture
Ben Eckert, Advanced Sculpture
Michael Alcantar
Rand Boschee
Mariah Moon
Julia Paradiz
J.G. Pattillo
Sarah Shank
Michael Young
Sasha Colbert, “Staying Late”




2013-2014 Art Scholarship Recipients


Norman Krohn

Ransom Urbanowicz

Laguna Clay Gift Award
$50 each

Sasha Colbert

Outstanding Student Award in Art Studio
$100, and a one-year membership to Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (Now MCASB)


Brenna Nichols

Outstanding Student Award in Art History
$100 and a one-year membership to Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (Now MCASB)

Lindsey Mottus

Cengage Art History Student Scholarship Award

 Ray Barsante

Santa Barbara Printmakers Award

Robert Decker

Ventura Potter's Guild Award in Ceramics


Els Andersen

Presidential Purchase Award

Benjamin Eckert

Adrian "Ozz" Osborne Memorial Art Scholarship

Oliver Murray

Ray Barsante

Frederick and Ursula Perl Endowed Art scholarship
$500 each

Evelyn Contreras

Santa Barbara Art Association Scholarship Award

2013-2014 Annual Student Exhibition

Atkinson Gallery Award Winners

Atkinson Gallery Annual Student Exhibition Juror's Awards, $50 each 

Ray Barsante
Perry Goodman
Fernando Moctezuma Rodriguez
Egor Sapov
Luis Alberto Velazquez

First Prize:

Crystal White, 2D
Norman Krohn, 3D
Oliver Murray, 4D
Sumio Ueda, Advanced Painting
Sasha Colbert, Advanced Printmaking
John Roffini, Advanced Sculpture
Britta Young, Artist Books
Ransom Urbanowicz, Beginning Ceramics
Unhee Anna Um, Beginning Painting
Jessica Presley-Grusin, Beginning Printmaking
Ray Barsante, Beginning Sculpture
Norman Krohn, Intermediate Ceramics
Dalayna Grace Christenson, Intermediate Painting
Emilia Dattilo, Intermediate Printmaking
Evelyn Contreras, Intermediate Sculpture
Mackenzie Pringle, Intermediate / Advanced Drawing
Chaoyi Macpherson, 3D
Elizabeth Minnis, 4D
Emy Fargey-Williams, Advanced Ceramics
Judith Hamilton, Advanced Printmaking
Trent Pettersen, Advanced Sculpture
Charles Starr, Advanced Sculpture
Evelyn Contreras, Artist Books
Els Andersen, Beginning Ceramics
Kathy Scarminach, Beginning Drawing
Mugat Mayur Patel, Beginning Painting
Katherine Bonsell, Beginning Printmaking
Chandra Brown, Beginning Printmaking
Loree Gold, Beginning Printmaking
Ben Eckert, Beginning Sculpture
Callie Bryan, Intermediate Ceramics
Marla Mockus, Intermediate Ceramics
Nathalie Aiello, Intermediate Painting
Jessica Presley-Grusin, Intermediate / Advanced Drawing
Kathi Scarminach, Photo



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