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State Awards

SBCC has received various state awards, including those for equity, diversity, exemplary programs, educational excellence, community and continuing education, and technology leadership.
  • 2019 Leaders in Equity, Antiracism and Reparations Now (LEARN) Program

    2018 Single Parents Arriving Ready for College (SPARC) Program

    2012 EOPS Transitions Program, Marsha Wright and Noel Gomez (Program Recipient)

    2011 Ignacio Ponce (Individual Recipient)

    2011 The Veterans Support Program, Magdalena Torres (Program Recipient)

  • 2018-2019 Permaculture Garden (Honorable Mention)

    2017-2018 Express to Success Program

    2009-2010 Partnership for Student Success

    2008-2009 Student Learning Outcomes Project (Honorable Mention)

    2006-2007 Citizenship Center (Honorable Mention)

    2004-2005 EOPS Running Start Program

    2003-2004 Gateway to Student Success Program

    2002-2003 Student Health Services and Wellness Program (Honorable Mention)

    1999-2000 Study Abroad (Honorable Mention)

    1998-1999 Marine Diving Technology

    1995-1996 Multicultural English Transfer Program

    1994-1995 Disabled Student Program and Services (Honorable Mention)

    1992-1993 Cooperative Agencies and Resources for Education (CARE)

    1991-1992 Transfer Achievement Program (Honorable Mention)

  • 2017-2018  Sally Saenger

    2016-2017  Kathy Molloy

    2013 - 2014  Jody Millward, Ph.D. 

    2006 - 2007  Dr. John Kay

    2004 - 2005  Dr. Peter Haslund

    2001 - 2002  Kathy O'Connor 

    1998 - 1999  Dr. Janet Shapiro

    1996 - 1997  Dr. Peter Georgakis

    1993 - 1994  Dr. Karolyn Hanna

    1992 - 1993  Cecilia Kuster 

  • 2018  Twenty career education programs at SBCC were rated as “Strong Workforce Stars” for helping students reach new heights in earning power and social mobility. SBCC was awarded 13 Bronze Stars, 5 Silver Stars, and 2 Gold Stars.

  • 2012  SBCC Express to Success Program (accelerated curriculum with special support services for primarily underrepresented students to complete their two-year associates' degrees or transfer within three years)

  • 2011 Kathy Molloy

    2010 Nick Arnold

    2002 Manou Eskandari

  • 2017  Program Recognition to the SBCC Career Skills Institute

    2012  State Award for Model Program Excellence to SBCC Continuing Education Division (for Achieving the Vision for Continuing Education Task Force work)

  • 2013  Paul Bishop, Ph.D.