Faculty Awards and Honors

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Annual Faculty Lecturer
Santa Barbara City College's Highest Honor

Annual Faculty Lecturer
Santa Barbara City College's Highest Honor

2015-2016 Faculty Lecturer of the Year

Dr. Kelly Lake, 

Kelly Lake Lake announcment



2014-2015 Faculty Lecturer of the Year

Dr. Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli, School of Modern Languages 

Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli

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SBCC Faculty Nominated for National and State Awards:

National Awards:

ACCT Faculty Award:

2008-2009  Dr. Janet Shapiro
2007-2008  Dr. Karolyn Hanna (recipient - Pacific Region)
2006-2007  Dr. Karolyn Hanna
2005-2006  Laurie Vasquez (recipient - Pacific Region)
2004-2005  Joseph White
2003-2004  Joseph White
2002-2003  Dr. Elida Moreno
2001-2002  Dr. Jody Millward (recipient)
2000-2001  Dr. Jody Millward

State Awards:

Exemplary Program Award

2012-2013 Transfer Academy, Angela Warren, Director(nominee)
2011-2012 Student-Athlete Academic Achievement Zone(nominee)
2009-2010 Partnership for Student Success (recipient)
2008-2009 Student Learning Outcomes Project (Honorable Mention)
2007-2008 Professional Development Center
2006-2007 Citizenship Center (Honorable Mention)
2005-2006 Professional Development Center
2004-2005 Running Start Program (recipient)
2003-2004 Gateway to Success Program (recipient)
2002-2003 Student Health Services & Wellness Program (Honorable Mention)
2001-2002 Associate Degree Nursing
2000-2001 Associate Degree Nursing
1999-2000 Study Abroad (Honorable Mention)
1998-1999 Marine Diving Technology (recipient)
1997-1998 Marine Diving Technology
1995-1996 Multicultural English Transfer Program (recipient)
1994-1995 Disabled Student Program and Services (Honorable Mention)
1993-1994 Study Abroad Program
1992-1993 Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (recipient)
1991-1992 Transfer Achievement Program (Honorable Mention)

Hayward Award for Excellence in Education

2015-2016 Kathy Molloy (recipient)
2013-2014 Jody Millward (recipient)
2013-2014 Kenley Neufeld (nominee)
2012-2013 Dr. Robert Gray (nominee)
2010-2011 Kathy Molloy
2009-2010 Kelly Lake
2008-2009 Tom Garey
2007-2008 Kelly Lake
2006-2007 John Kay (recipient)
2005-2006 Jan Anderson (ADN)
2004-2005 Peter O. Haslund (recipient)
2003-2004 Tom Garey
2002-2003 Tom Garey
2001-2002 Kathy O'Connor (recipient)
2000-2001 Elida Moreno
1999-2000  Peter O. Haslund
1998-1999  Janet Shapiro (recipient)
1997-1998  Jody Millward
1996-1997  Peter Georgakis (recipient)
1994-1995  Gary Carroll
1993-1994  Karolyn Hanna (recipient)
1992-1993  Cecilia Kuster (recipient)

Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award

2013-2014 Pamela Guenther (nominee)
2012-2013 Bronwen Moore (nominee)
2010-2011  Kathy Molloy (recipient)
2009-2010  Nick Arnold (recipient)
2008-2009  Nick Arnold
2007-2008  Dina Castillo
2006-2007  Elida Moreno
2005-2006  Laurie Vasquez
2004-2005  Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli
2003-2004  Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli
2002-2003  Laurie Vasquez
2001-2002  Manou Eskandari (recipient)

Dr. John W. Rice Diversity and Equity Award   
           2013-2014  SBCC, College (nominee)
             2013-2014  Pamela Guenther (individual nominee)
             2011-2012  Paula Congleton
             2011-2012  EOPS Transitions Program, Marsha Wright- Director, Noel Gomez-Program Director (Program Recipient)
             2010-2011  Ignacio Ponce (individual recipient)
             2010-2011  The Veterans Support Program, Magdalena Torres, Director (Program recipient)            
             2009-2010  Nick Arnold  
U. S. Professor of the Year Award 
         2013-2014 Manou Eskandari (California Award Recipient)
Faculty Excellence Awards
2016-2017 Faculty Excellence Award Winners
Gordy Coburn
Anita Cruse
Tina Foss
Denise Harrison
Diana Musacchio
Gwyer Schuyler 



Previous Recipients

Faculty Excellence Awards 2011-2012
Faculty Excellence Awards 2010-2011
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Faculty Excellence Awards 2007-2008
Faculty Excellence Awards 2006-2007
Faculty Award of the Month 2005-2006
Faculty Award of the Month 2004-2005
Faculty Award of the Month 2003-2004

Award Nomination Forms and Templates
Download a nomination form for the following awards:

ACCT Faculty Award
Exemplary Program Award

Hayward Award for Excellence in Education
Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award
Faculty Excellence Award

Award Descriptions


Outside Award Descriptions, Nomination/Application Forms (these are awards that are not submitted by the faculty recognition committee - but applicants are encouraged to apply on their own)

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August 23, 2103

August 24, 2012 

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