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Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, August 19: 


Session 1:  1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Location: 
Zone 1:  "Party Smart" EBS 309
Zone 2:  Transfer 101 A 211
Zone 3:  Money Management  PS 101


Session 2:  2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Location: 
Zone 1:  "Party Smart" EBS 309
Zone 2:  Transfer 101 A 211
Zone 3:  Money Management  PS 101


Session 3:  3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Location: 
Zone 1:  "Party Smart" EBS 309
Zone 2:  Transfer 101 A 211
Zone 3:  Money Management  PS 101


Location: TBA

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM

"Holding on and Letting Go"

"What do we 'hold on' to with our adult children and "what do we 'let go' of?

2:00 PM - 2:50 PM Student Conduct and Safety
3:00 PM - 3:50 PM Campus Tour 
4:00 PM Meet Your students 
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Department Open Houses: 

Study Abroad: “Where In the World Are You Going?" Learn more about SBCC’s Study Abroad program offerings and how to incorporate Study Abroad into your academic studies while at SBCC. Information on upcoming summer, winter break, and semester-length programs, program requirements, application procedures, financial aid and scholarships will be provided during the workshop. Find out how you can join us on one of our upcoming Study Abroad learning adventures!

Business Administration: Entrepreneurship: Find your "shine" as an entrepreneur at the Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation! Whatever your academic discipline, the Scheinfeld Center helps you build your business in the classroom and earn a degree or certificate at the same time. Come by and learn how our hands-on academic program, internships, no-cost business consulting, pitch competitions, and professional network can help you advance personally and professionally. Enter our raffle to win our Business Idea Assessment package to quickly assess whether your business idea might hold promise for success. Think "shine" at the Scheinfeld Center—we’re here to help YOU shine!

ECE Early Childhood Education Department: Have you thought about a career in teaching? What courses and major will support you in becoming a teacher? Infant/toddler, preschool, elementary and secondary teaching can all begin here at SBCC. Come to experience the value of play, meet some instructors, hear about courses and local transfer options. 
Education: Are you interested in teaching elementary or secondary education? Come hear what your options are when starting your teacher education at Santa Barbara City College. Photos and discussion of lab options will be included.

Express to Success Program: Come and find out how you can take two levels of math or two levels of English in one semester. Join other students as they get through their math and English requirements at a much faster pace with tons of benefits such as taking classes in a learning community cohort, access to ESP academic counselors, free book loans, and Gateway tutoring. 
Student Health and Wellness: Students will be welcomed into the Student Health and Wellness office and given information packets and some free goodies. Please have students come during the 10:45 - 12:30 time period.

Library: Start mastering the award-winning Luria Library on your first day as a Vaquero! In this workshop we will show you cool features and benefits of the Library, which you can use from on or off-campus,
and we'll give you a crash course in searching like a pro in Google (even experienced searchers will be impressed by these tricks!). You will be on your way to success before classes even start.

Mathematics: Meet math department faculty, staff and students to learn more about math at SBCC. Learn about the math courses we offer, tips for success, tutoring and club activities.
iPath is a structured General Education Pathways program to help college ready students complete their GE requirements in 2 years. Students will learn about the program, its benefits, and meet iPath faculty members.

School of Modern Languages : Please join us to learn about exciting opportunities for learning a new language.
In this event you will learn about the ten languages we offer, opportunities to study language abroad, meet other students, tutors and professors, ask questions.
Arrive early and you will be treated to some snacks!
The School of Modern Languages
"Curing Monolingualism for over 50 years!" 

Breakout Sessions: 

Money Management: During college, students are independently responsible for their own finances, including pursuing financial assistance, monitoring billing statements and accounts, and determining whether or not they should take on a part-time job. Learn from a financial expert how to make the most out of your budget and how to use money wisely so that you don’t go broke! 
Transfer 101: Making the most of your time at SBCC, What classes to take, How to get GUARANTEED ADMISSION and more!!!
"Party Smart" SBCC Student Health Services: This workshop is meant to be an open discussion on the topic of partying, drinking alcohol, and the use of drugs. What are the common drugs of abuse? Why do people use alcohol and drugs? What are the dangers associated with these substances and the combinations of them? How do I stay safe if I do choose to use substances? If I am worried about a friend's substance use, how do I help them? All of these questions will be discuss. 
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