Lost and Found



Lost and Found is located in the Campus Safety Office in ECC41 (under the bridge).

All items lost on college property are processed through the Lost and Found Department within the Campus Safety Office.  

Property can be claimed during these hours:

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

You can contact Lost and Found by calling (805)730-4064, or e-mail: security@sbcc.edu

To report a lost item so that we may contact you in the event it gets turned in to our office please complete the form below:

Lost Item Form

If you have an item that you have found on campus, please contact our office right away or bring it to our office so that we can return it to its' rightful owner as soon as possible.   

*Please do not hold on to lost items in your departments.  All lost and found items should be turned in to our office as soon as possible (no later than the end of the day).  If you are not able to bring it to our office please call us and schedule a pick up.  One of our officers will stop by and pick it up. 

*Please do not contact students directly, Security will contact them once we secure the item in our office.  

Do not leave any belongings unattended. Found property that is turned in to Lost and Found is held for 90 days prior to being reclaimed or discarded.

All reasonable attempts are made to locate the owners of property turned into Lost and Found. Property not claimed within 90 days is disposed of or donated to charitable causes.