All Campus Kickoff, Spring 2015

Thursday, JANUARY 15, 2015


The ALL CAMPUS KICKOFF DAY workshops, with descriptions below, are open to all staff, faculty, and managers. Your RSVP is very important so we can plan accordingly. Low enrolled workshops may be canceled. If you registered, you will receive a confirmation directly from Eventbrite. Download flyer.

8:00am-8:45am Refreshments on the Sports Pavilion Patio
9:00am-10:30am All Campus Kickoff in the Sports Pavilion
10:45am-12:00pm Session One Workshops
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch provided in the Sports Pavilion
1:15pm-2:30pm Session Two Workshops
2:45pm-4:00pm Session Three Workshops

Friday, January 16, 2015 ** FACULTY ONLY **

9:00am-10:30am Executive Vice President Jack Friedlander and Academic Senate President Kimberly Monda in the Garvin Theatre
10:45am-12:00pm Division Meetings
1:00pm-4:00pm Department Meetings



Eventbrite - SBCC Promotes Global Responsibility: Spring 2015 All-Campus Kickoff

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Descriptions for Thursday's Workshops

Session One Workshops: 10:45am - 12:00pm

Chumash Culture Walking Lecture Presenter: Annette Cordero. Join a short walk to Chumash Circle on Cabrillo Boulevard to learn more about the native sites of importance and local history pre-dating the Spanish settlement.Registration Limit: 45Location: Meet on Sports Pavilion Patio

Engaging Intercultural Perspective Inside and Outside of the ClassroomPresenters: Carola Smith and Shelby Harrington Cultural background influences communication styles and colors perspectives of relationships and interpersonal interactions. Join us for this workshop to review common cultural frameworks at play in the classroom and in the workplace. A panel of students from around the world will join the workshop to share their experiences in diverse educational institutions.Registration Limit: 40Location: PE-215

Lessons from the Lab: A Path to Scientific EnlightenmentPresenter: Raeanne Napoleon. The goal of this session is to engage faculty and staff in a discourse about science that is applicable to daily life. The topics discussed were chosen because they seem to be somewhat controversial for citizens, yet incredibly important for everyone to have a firm understanding of in our society. The topics are not necessarily controversial for scientists, yet it is hard to change public opinion never the less. The participating panelists will be comprised of some SBCC Instructors from a wide range of specialties (including physics, chemistry, geology, anthropology, biology, and philosophy). This session will allow the Santa Barbara City College community to ask scientists intriguing and interesting questions that are relevant to their life and the world around them in an effort to promote global responsibility and understanding of the world in which we live. Topics that will be covered, but aren’t limited to: global warming, chemicals found in food and products(dangerous vs. media hype), GMOs, fracking, vaccines,and many more. If you have something that you’d like to discuss with colleagues, please do not hesitate to offer it during the session itself. A similar event has been held the past two semesters here at SBCC and is turning into an all-campus tradition helping SBCC students become comfortable with scientific debates and navigating charged political and social issues.Registration Limit: 96Location: EBS-309

Students Of Concern/Psychological Intervention Response Team(PIRT) PanelPresenters: Alyson Bostwick, Ben Partee, Erik Fricke, Laura Fariss, Jana Garnett, Clark Hochstetler, Ben Murphy, Darren Phillips, and Eric Flores All SBCC staff and faculty have access to the Students of Concern tool as part of an ongoing initiative to connect students in need to the services and resources offered on-campus. This panel presentation and discussion highlights the Students of Concern reporting function in Pipeline. To add a practical element to this workshop, PIRT will specific provide training on how to work with and communicate with varying students of concern and they will utilize specific student scenarios to demonstrate. Time permitting, the audience will be able to share other scenarios for consultation and input.Registration Limit: 140Location: BC-245 (Forum)

Productivity PuzzlePresenter: Sara Caputo. Understanding your personal productivity systems and creating a strong organizational foundation is critical when it comes to managing and executing your day-to-day tasks. We are never taught these tools, and yet without them we are expected to perform at much higher levels than ever before. In this short workshop, Sara will lead you through her Productivity Puzzle and provide you with an individually tailored solution so you can feel confident and in control of all areas in your life.Registration Limit: 120Location: PS-101

Simpler Systems WorkshopPresenter: Accounting Department The Accounting department invites you to participate in training on the Simpler Systems financial reporting tool, which is used for monitoring your departmental budgets. We strongly recommend that anyone who has departmental budgetary responsibility, needs to track expenditures, signs time cards, or codes invoices to attend one of the training sessions. Learn how to review your departmental budget status, Simpler Systems search functions including wild card usage, and how to develop reports for analysis.Registration Limit: 24Location: A-182

Establishing a Collaborative Instructor-Counselor Model to Support Student Success Presenters: Kathy Molloy, Pam Guenther, Oscar Zavala. Participants will learn about the successful integration of student support and instruction in the Express to Success Program (ESP). Featured in the Student Support (Re)defined Primer as one of two programs that “uniquely demonstrate models for addressing all key themes from the Student Support (Re)defined research,” the program relies on a collaboration of counselors and instructors who work together closely to monitor student progress. Registration Limit: 30

Sustainability at SBCCPresenter: Carlos Campos. The workshop will focus on resource (food, water and energy) conservation and would entail a holistic approach to each of these key areas that affect us all on and off campus.Registration Limit: 30Location: PS-128

Session Two/Three (combined) Workshops: 1:15am - 4:00pm

The Art of Mathematics: Crochet and Knot TheoryNOTE: This is a DOUBLE afternoon session which will run the length of the afternoon. Presenters: Liz Auchincloss, Jennifer Loftus. Learn the art of crochet and how the real world inspires science which inspires mathematics, which inspires science in a grand circular pattern. Crochet actually gets its name from the tool used to create this needlework: “crochet” means hook in French. Using just one hook and one thread, loops are pulled through and joined to each other, producing different stitches and effects depending on how many loops are pulled through and where they are joined. Crochet was first used in 16th Century Europe for fine work such as making lace. Over the years this use has expanded to afghans, rugs, clothing and utilitarian items such as potholders and wash cloths. Crochet, like other needlecrafts, provides an individual with a method for creative expression. It is also a great way to relieve stress. This class is designed for beginners. Students will learn the tools of the trade: yarns, hooks and accessories. The class will cover the basic stitches, chain, slip, single crochet, half-double, double and triple. Students will learn how to hold the hook, how to increase and decrease, how to form a ring and fasten off. Materials will be provided.Registration Limit: 18Location: CC-223

Create a Vision Board, Preparing your Goals for 2015NOTE: This is a DOUBLE afternoon session which will run the length of the afternoon. Presenters: Alice Scharper-Perez, Priscilla Butler, Laurie Vasquez. Set yourself up for success in the upcoming year by defining your personal and professional goals in the form of a collaged vision board. Representatives from the “Make it Visible” FIG join Dean Alice Scharper to lead participants through ISLO VI which tasks the campus community to take an active role in their own personal and professional development.Registration Limit: 30Location: H-221

CPR/AEDNOTE: This is a DOUBLE afternoon session which will run the length of the afternoon. Presenter: Jeff Cooper. Are your prepared for an emergency situation? Come and learn basic first aid and how to use the AED equipment.Registration Limit: 30Location: A-161

Saving the Earth, Cruising in StyleNOTE: This is a DOUBLE afternoon session which will run the length of the afternoon. Presenter: Joe Sullivan, Bici Centro. Take a cruise on a new electric bike! Find out more about the new TAG Incentive Plan Pilot Project! Share with bike experts Bici Centro and Joe Sullivan about the new generation of electric bikes, learn about basic bike repairs and modifications, the new bike storage/workshop area and many other alternative transportation options and ideas.Registration Limit: 45Location: Meet at East side of Bridge

Session Two Workshops: 1:15am - 2:30pm

Copyright and Fair Use in the AcademyPresenter: Kenley Neufeld. Santa Barbara City College is committed to complying with all applicable state and federal laws regarding copyright. District employees and students must obtain all required licenses, consents, and releases necessary to avoid infringing rights of third parties. What does this all mean? How does it apply to classroom use of copyrighted materials? In this workshop we will review the perspective of the college along with best practices for using print, video, and digital media.Registration Limit: 60Location: EBS-301

Early AlertPresenter: Ryan Byrne, Ben Partee. What do you do when a student is struggling in your class? What is the process of issuing an alert for a student and what happens if you issue an alert? The "Early Alert" workshop provides faculty and staff with an overview of the OnTrack system, powered by GradesFirst, with an interactive demonstration of how to initiate an "Alert," a "Progress Report" as well as the Progress Report "Campaign." Then, find out what happens after an alert is issued and how support services integrated within OnTrack. The workshop presents practical step-by-step directions to help faculty and staff utilize all aspects of the "Early Alert" features of OnTrack.Registration Limit: 45Location: PE-215

Effective Reading Strategies Across Disciplines: Student Accountability for ReadingPresenter: Monica DiVito, Margaret Prothero, Anita Cruse. Learn about pedagogical practices and reading strategies that can address issues of student accountability for effective reading.Registration Limit: 45Location: PE-216

Me First! Self-Care and Teamwork for Surviving and Thriving in the Helping Professions, A SAVE Stressbuster Tools WorkshopPresenter: Victoria Rightmire. Do you sometimes find yourself working under stressful conditions due to facing an upset or unhappy student? Do you sometimes have an entire day filled with interactions with upset or angry students? You are not alone! Learn new tools for self-care, new ways to replenish your energy, guidance on how to prepare for the day ahead, and suggestions on how to support one another in the workplace. This workshop will also provide a brief re-introduction to the many resources available through Save A Valuable Employee, our local employee assistance program.Registration Limit: 30Location: A-162

MindfulnessPresenter: Michele Peterson. What would a mindful campus (neighborhood) look like? What would mindful students look like in contrast to what they now look like? What would mindful teachers look like in contrast to what they now look like? What does it mean to be mindful? In this workshop we look at JK-Zinn’s definition (and others) of MINDFULNESS. We will reflect on the spread/effectiveness of mindfulness, how we can become more mindful, and mindfulness’ role in academia. Presentation will end with a brief meditation.Registration Limit: 30Location: EBS-102

Student Non-engagement and Faculty Frustration are Not Going AwayPresenters: Patrick Foster and CTL/FIG members. We are all in the same boat: stressing out about how to get through to our students, how to make the lessons relevant, how to get students to take responsibility for their own learning. A group of faculty decided to discuss these frustrations directly with their students. (Two faculty inquiry groups formed under the Committee on Teaching and Learning).This workshop will share what they learned, what they are going to do differently, and how we can apply their approach campus-wide. Faculty, we need your feedback!Registration Limit: 45Location: PS-128

What's In Our Backyard?Presenter: Mark Broomfield Guided tour of the diverse flora of Santa Barbara City College. Native, rare fruit, Mediterranean and South African drought tolerant plans appropriate for your backyard. In addition, Mark will touch on techniques to save water and some of the unique challenges and opportunities the Mesa micro-climate presents to the SBCC Grounds crew.Registration Limit: 60Location: Meet on Sports Pavilion Patio

Qi Gong Presenter: Ed Rockett. This course teaches students Qi Gong, a combination of slow, gentle body movements and healthy breathing that generates strength, flexibility, inner calm and renewed vitality. Students learn exercises to elevate the flow of life force (qi) through the body, release anxiety, and relieve stress.Registration Limit: 35Location: PE-114

Session Three Workshops: 2:45am - 4:00pm

Let Loose With NIA Dance!Presenter: Hazel Carlsen. Wear comfortable clothes and kick off your shoes for this sensory-based movement practice that combines cardiodance moves, martial arts, and healing arts.Registration Limit: 35Location: PE-114

Beginning the Dialogue: Practicing Teaching for Cultural InclusivityPresenters: Clara Oropeza, Annette Cordero, Chella Courington, Homer Arrington, Carrie Hutchinson. In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss practices for teaching for cultural inclusivity. To get the conversation started, a panel of faculty from the Multicultural English Transfer Program (MET) will review characteristics and practices of culturally inclusive pedagogy.Registration Limit: 45Location: PE-216

Better Productivity in Gmail and Google AppsPresenter: Kenley Neufeld. Do you have hundreds or possibly thousands of email messages in your inbox? Are you overwhelmed by the volume of email that you receive? Do you understand how you can integrate Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Reminders? In this workshop Kenley will discuss some strategies for creating a workflow that will help you manage your email and Google Apps more effectively, and demonstrate some task management and email searching techniques to help you minimize the number of messages stored in your college email. Kenley has 10-years of Gmail experience and a practice of keeping his inbox at less than 20 messages.Registration Limit: 60Location: EBS-102

FERPA UpdatesPresenter: Allison Canning. What you need to know about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) relating to the privacy of student records. This session is appropriate for all employees.Registration Limit: 60Location: A-160

Growth MindsetPresenter: Pam Guenther. Carol Dweck's research has shown that having a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset affects learning and achievement. This workshop will discuss this research and give examples of classroom activities to help foster a growth mindset in our students.Registration Limit: 50Location: PS-128

World Dance for HumanityPresenter: Janet Reineck, World Dance for Humanity Learn about World Dance for Humanity’s unique model of transforming local dance classes into a platform for aid to communities in need. Get ready to kick up your heels—we’ll be trying out some hot Salsa and African dance moves after the presentation!Registration Limit: 35Location: DM-101


Eventbrite - SBCC Promotes Global Responsibility: Spring 2015 All-Campus Kickoff

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