Return to Campus - Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions will be regularly updated as more information becomes available. Additional questions and responses will also be added. 

Last updated: August 19, 2021

  • The registration and application process has not changed for new and incoming students wishing to enroll at SBCC. However, if you are coming to campus for any reason there are additional safeguards we have instituted to help keep everyone safe.  Visit our vaccination requirement page for more info.

  • Effective Oct. 1, 2021, SBCC requires all employees and students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 as a condition of (a) entering an SBCC campus building, (b) attending an in-person SBCC class, or (c) using a service located off-campus or obtaining an approved exemption based on medical, disability, religious grounds, or a deferral based on pregnancy.

  • The policy will not change from it’s pre-COVID version. A telecommuting request must be submitted to the area manager for review and approval. Telecommuting schedules are a privilege, not a right.  Approval of such a schedule is at the sole discretion of the District, and will depend on such work- related factors as maintaining adequate coverage and compatibility of position with a telecommuting schedule. 

    If you would like to request a telecommuting schedule, please fill out the request form and submit to your manager. The limit of a maximum of 3-days per work week will still apply.

  • SBCC will follow all applicable guidance and requirements from the California Department of Public Health, our County Public Health Department, and CalOSHA. Currently,  mask wearing will continue to be a requirement for all indoor spaces. 

  • The District is beginning the process of hiring additional security personnel, through our Campus Safety and Emergency Response Department, to assist with enforcement and to address any issues that come up with adherence to COVID protocols. It is important to note that COVID protocols will be in place for all employees, students and community members.

    The Office of Student Conduct is prepared to respond to student refusal to comply with safety precautions. These infractions are covered under AP 5500, Standard of Student Conduct.

  • The District meets all the current requirements for ventilation and air circulation outlined by Public Health and Cal-OSHA. However, the District wishes to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

    An assessment of all of our spaces is underway. We are using the Harvard Public Health benchmarks for Air Changes per Hour (ACH) as a guide.  Improvements have been made to our existing HVAC systems to meet these benchmarks. In spaces where additional remediation is needed, the District is
    placing HEPA filter air purifiers to enhance ventilation. Based on the preliminary results of the HVAC assessment, the District has decided to place HEPA filter air purifiers in all classrooms on all campuses, even when the current HVAC systems meet or exceed the Air Changes Per Hour recommended levels.

    Employees who would like to request an air purifier for their individual workspaces, can do so by submitting a Facilities Work Order.

  • Yes, we will continue to use Healthy Roster for employees and students. HEERF resources will allow for increased temporary staff support for this work.  Students and staff should be prepared to display their Healthy Roster daily pass upon entry to campus buildings and classrooms.

  • No. Students will be required to complete the Healthy Roster health questionnaire before coming onto campus.

  • CANVAS has always been and will continue to be available to support faculty with classroom management including grading and assessment strategies for students. It’s a great tool.

  • SBCC has an existing telecommuting policy in place that remains for 2021-22. We will be exploring more remote working possibilities for Fall 2022.

  • SBCC will adhere to physical distancing guidelines as provided from CalOSHA and Santa Barbara County Public Health. The number of people allowed in spaces will be determined by the guidelines.

  • Yes, we have approximately 40% of our courses in-person for Fall 2021. Faculty should work with department chairs and area deans to review scheduling opportunities. If appropriate, additional sections may be added for in-person instruction.

  • Remote tutoring opportunities will be reviewed. Please work with your area dean for support.

  • Phase-in work schedules will allow for flexibility to accommodate childcare challenges during the summer phase-in period from June 15 to August 15.

  • Summer and Fall in-person classes were scheduled according to the Orange Tier and social distancing guidelines. We will continue to review the changing landscape and may be able to increase classroom capacity going forward. Area deans will be in communication with faculty regarding possibilities.

  • Programs and departments will be addressing this in relation to the fields of study and appropriate pedagogical approaches. Please work with your chair and area dean to address your needs and plans.

  • Beginning August 16, employees wishing to request a telecommuting arrangement should review the current guidelines and submit a request to their manager. Be sure to submit requests in advance of your requested effective date. Requests for telecommuting will be evaluated per the guidelines, and subject to compatibility with phase-in schedules and service and coverage requirements unless there are temporary, extenuating circumstances.

    Please remember that changes in service and coverage requirements may require modification of any telecommute arrangements.

  • SBCC will continue food distributions. Appropriate locations will be reviewed for summer and fall, and we will work with the Food Pantry as we move forward.

  • Based on a recent voluntary college survey, we estimate that approximately 40-50% of our college employees are vaccinated. We have not established a requirement for vaccination disclosure at this time. Should vaccinations become mandatory, we will revisit this.

  • We will abide by guidance from CalOSHA and Santa Barbara County Public Health department.

  • Phase-in work schedules are intended to be flexible to allow for adjustment prior to full return August 16. We recognize that this time has been traumatic for some individuals, and we encourage you to take advantage of the benefits offered by the District, including the Anthem Employee Assistance Program.

  • Return to campus schedules will be guided by coverage and service requirements. Schedules may not be “equal” in that each work area has its own unique service requirements.

  • The District will hire additional security staff to assist with handling mask enforcement, at all three campuses (Main, Wake, and Schott).

  • Office schedules will be consistent with current CalOSHA and Santa Barbara Public Health Department guidelines.

  • In these cases, an interactive discussion between the employee and management will be necessary.

  • We will continue to review how to best provide service to our students, including incorporating the lessons we have learned from remote working. We will implement changes in a strategic and systematic way.

  • The HVAC systems are being inspected by a third party consultant, repairs and modifications are being done. We will follow CalOSHA and Santa Barbara County Public Health requirements. Additionally, HEPA air purifiers are being placed in all classrooms to enhance air quality. HEPA air purifiers can be requested for individual offices by placing a facilities work order

  • We will follow the guidance of CalOSHA and Santa Barbara County Public Health.