Environmental Horticulture

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EH 101: Plant Identification And Culture

Designed to acquaint the student with woody ornamental plants and selected accent plants used in the Santa Barbara region. Approximately 150 trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous ornamentals are presented for identification and close scrutiny.

EH 102: Soils And Plant Nutrients

Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 98 and proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Covers soils as related to sustainable plant care. Emphasis on soil analysis, problem identification, soil remediation, soil enhancement and the soil food web.

EH 103: Irrigation And Garden Waterworks

Introduction to the materials and methods used in landscape irrigation system design, maintenance and repair. Trouble-shooting and retrofitting systems for water conservation are also highlighted including drip and underground systems. Simple plan reading, system scheduling and controller use are reviewed.

EH 104: Landscape Maintenance

Covers basic landscape maintenance topics emphasizing sustainable methods of enriching soil health, composting, mulching, water efficient irrigation systems, pruning, fertilization, plant selection, turf management, insect control, and weed control. Personal health and safety emphasized. Student groups develop and implement sustainable landscape projects.

EH 105: Landscape Construction

Skills Advisories: Proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Designed to familiarize students with basic landscape construction work, equipment and materials. Explores plan reading, grading, drainage, concrete, masonry, carpentry, electrical and plumbing, as well as C-27 landscape contractor's license requirements, business practices and legalities of this specialty.

EH 106: Greenhouse/Nursery Operations And Practices, Plant Propagation And Plant Recognition

Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 98 and proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Introduces students to the greenhouse/nursery. Plant recognition is required for indoor plants, turf/groundcovers, bedding plants and herbaceous perennials. Greenhouse management includes maintenance, management and structure development.

EH 109: Permaculture Design

Application of ecological and environmental principles to designing human systems that are locally sustainable and require reduced inputs. The successful student receives Permaculture Design certification, recognized worldwide.

EH 109B: Advanced Permaculture Design

Prerequisites: EH 109, with a minimum grade of "B".

Provides hands-on opportunities to gain skills in permaculture design, while reviewing and adding depth of knowledge to basic permaculture design concepts.

EH 110: Introduction To Horticulture

Introduction to central concepts of environmental horticulture, covering horticultural practices and methods, with focus on long-term sustainability and local ecological issues.

EH 112: Ecological Restoration I

Examines the principles and techniques of regional habitat restoration. Class work emphasizes the identification, collection, propagation and care of native plants.

EH 113: Ecological Restoration II

Review of the concepts and implementation of habitat restoration. Santa Barbara region habitats studied include chaparral, coastal sage scrub, oak woodland, and riparian Eco-niches. Emphasis on watersheds and riparian restoration. Principles of ecological recreation and restoration techniques include seed collection, propagation and project evaluation.

EH 126: Landscape Drafting I

Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 103 and proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Principles of drafting and plan reading for landscape architecture and ornamental horticulture. Style research, drafting of plans, elevations and details.

EH 127: Landscape Drafting II

Prerequisites: DRFT 126 or EH 126.
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 103 and proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Advanced Drafting and plan reading course using manual and computer drafting tools. For landscape architecture and ornamental horticulture fields. Includes site plans, elevations and details.

EH 201: Arboriculture

Introduction to the care of woody plants, including trees, shrubs, vines and palms. Covers function, structure, taxonomy, anatomy and physiology of woody plants; the effects of soil, water and fertilizer, pruning, safety, planting, early care, and diagnostics of pests and disease.

EH 202: Residential Landscape Design

Skills Advisories: Proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Foundational course for basic skills in design and implementation of residential landscaping. Theory and practical development of skills and artforms associated with hardscape and softscape elements and plans examined.

EH 207: Small Scale Food Production

Explores the natural and sustainable techniques and skills used to produce healthy organic produce. Soil development, composting, mulching, suitable vegetables, fruit trees and herb cultivation covered.

EH 290: Work Experience In Environmental Horticulture

Prerequisite: Any 100 level EH class.
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 98and proficiency in MATH 1 or MATH 41.

Exploration of elements essential to success in the fields of horticulture, including proper work ethic, job searching and job preparation. Outside of class, students work to earn credit. Time sheets are done monthly, supervisor evaluation is required, and a three-way semester contract is developed between the student, the student's supervisor and the instructor.

EH 299: Independent Study In Environmental Horticulture

Limitation on Enrollment: Completion of a minimum of 12 units at SBCC, with a 2.5 G.P.A., and a minimum of 6 units, with a 3.0 G.P.A. within the department. For complete information, see "Independent Study" in the Catalog Index.

EH NC001: Green Gardener: Module 1

Attention landscapers, maintenance gardeners, property owners and managers. This course is designed for interested individuals who wish to develop knowledge and skills in order to pursue a career in sustainable landscaping. Participants will become certified after completing the course requirements and passing exams. Students who complete the course will benefit from discounts, free advertising, and promotion by the program sponsors. Expert guest lecturers will cover irrigation efficiency, green waste reduction, pest and fertilizer management and proper plant maintenance. Includes both classroom and fieldwork. Clients who hire Certified Green Gardeners will benefit from a resource-efficient landscape.

EH NC002: Green Gardener: Module 2

This class builds on the Green Gardener: Module 1 course, providing the landscape professional additional training in resource conservation, pollution prevention and sustainability.

EH NC104: Advanced Green Gardener

Recommended to be taken after completion of Green Gardener Course Modules 1 and 2, as it builds on same topics with greater detail and including a lab component with hands-on experience in sustainable landscape care.

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