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Tutoring in the Writing Center

Writing Center tutors work one-on-one with students in all stages of the writing process and with any type of assignment for any course, except exam papers. Individual sessions are thirty minutes, and the focus of the session is determined by the student. By taking an active role in choosing the direction of the session, students are able to identify their specific questions and concerns, as well as the writing skills they would like to practice or learn. Through interaction and student-centered dialog, students expand their critical thinking and problem solving skills, develop their knowledge base, and increase self-awareness. As a result, students don't just improve the specific piece of writing they are working on, but also become stronger, more independent writers.

During the Fall and Spring Semesters, The Writing Center is open from 9AM to 7PM, Monday through Thursday, and 9AM to 3PM on Friday. Summer Session hours are 9AM to 4PM, Monday through Thursday, and 9AM to 1PM on Friday. Students may make an appointment by coming to the Writing Center or by calling (805) 965-0581 x2663. They may also drop in at any time to see a tutor. The wait time for drop-ins is usually less than half an hour; most evenings, the wait time is significantly shorter. Students can come to the Writing Center for a half-hour session up to 3 times each week, but not more than once a day.

To learn more about the forms students and tutors use in the Writing Center, click here.

To learn more about the resources students and tutors use in the Writing Center, please visit our Virtual Tutoring Station.

Meet a Writing Center Tutor

How we help you become a better writer

Students may access Writing Center tutors in two ways:

1. Appointments:

Students may make an appointment at least one day in advance by signing up at the Center with their student ID card or by calling our Office Assistant at 805-965-0581 x2663 during our open hours. Students must arrive on time for their appointment or they will have to use the Drop In option. Please call or come by the Writing Center if you need to cancel your appointment.

2. Drop In:

Services are on a first come, first served basis. Upon arrival at the Center, students present their student ID card to sign up on a waiting list for the next available tutor.

Tips for effective tutoring sessions:


Bring the following to each tutoring session:

  • a valid SBCC student ID (required);
  • Directed Learning Activity (top portion of form) (print now, or complete when you arrive);
  • the writing assignment from your instructor (very helpful for the tutors);
  • current and prior drafts of your work, especially with instructor's comments;
  • any texts that may assist the tutor in understanding the essay content.
  • Your questions and an open mind!


You might utilize our services as follows:

  • NEW! Complete our online referral form.
  • Print and complete this quick and easy Referral Form to send with your student to the Writing Center describing with which writing issues your student needs assistance.
  • You may incorporate tutorial assistance into your assignments by recommending or requiring students to visit the Writing Center as part of the assignment itself.
  • Invite a representative from the Writing Center to visit your class, or come to the CLRC for an orientation on our services.


To view our presentation, "Learning Centered Practice at the Santa Barbara City College Writing Center, " please click here. (pdf)



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