Adam Green

Adam Green
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  • office: EBS 323
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  • ENVS 110: Humans and the Biological Environment
  • ENVS 111: Environmental Field Studies
  • ENVS 200: Projects in Sustainability
  • ENVS 201: Leadership in Sustainability
  • BIOL 100: Concepts of Biology
  • BIOL 130: Field Methods in Biology

I received Bachelors degrees in Wildlife Biology and Chemistry from the University of California-Davis (1995) and my M.S. (2000) and Ph.D. (2004) in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I started teaching at SBCC in 2004. In 2007 I co-founded and continue to direct the Center for Sustainability. I serve as the program coordinator for the Environmental Studies program and as the faculty adviser for the Student Sustainability Coalition.  I was  chair of the Department of Biological Sciences from 2016 - May 2018.

Teaching & LIfe Philosophy
I feel strongly that learning environmental science and ecology is essential to being an educated citizen during this challenging time of human history. As a species we face serious challenges from loss of biodiversity, human caused climate change, a large and growing human population, and pollution that finds its way into every corner of the globe and into the bodies of wildlife species and humans.  I strive to teach the core concepts of science necessary to navigate these complex issues, presenting relevant and current challenges along with possible solutions.

My field and project based courses are designed to give students real-world, hands-on experience that is valuable to success in any career and vital to careers in biology, ecology, and environmental science.

I feel the rate of change of environmental science is too rapid for normal texts, so I created my own online text that I provide free to students. I  constantly update this resource to keep up with the massive amounts of current research in this field. I enjoy travelling and photography and try and bring those elements into my courses through online resources that expand the geographic scope of the material.

As a scientist and father I am highly motivated to educate my students and the community about the state of the environment and what can be done to create a more resilient society while maintaining or increasing our quality of life.