Lab Rules


Business Division Computer Labs Rules and Regulations  

    • All Students using the labs must comply with the College Policies for Student Use of Computers and Networks. Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with SBCC Policies and Standards. URL: SBCC Student Use Policy 
    • Only registered students with a computer login, SBCC Faculty, and SBCC Staff are allowed in the labs.


    • Copying any software from the computer labs is ILLEGAL. Installation of software or configuration changes on lab computers are NOT allowed. 
    • Displaying inappropriate items is considered misuse of computers and will be reported to campus authorities. Some examples: sexually explicit, graphically disturbing, or harassing images or text.
    • Appropriate attire (including shoes) is required in the labs.
    • The following are not allowed in the lab:
      • Rude/disruptive behavior.
      • Food and drink of any kind. (This includes gum and water).
      • Pets (This does not include service animals)


      • Cell phone conversations - Please turn cell phones and pagers to ring silently or at low volume, and go outside the room to complete your call. 


    • Printing uses the GoPrint system.  Black and white printing costs 10 cents per page and must be paid for with your campus card with "Flex" or "Printing" funds.
    • Access to classroom equipment such as printers, cabinets, drawers, etc. is restricted to lab employees only. If you need assistance, ask a lab employee.
    • The absolute safety of files stored on the network drive (i.e. your S:\ drive) cannot be guaranteed. Students are responsible for keeping critical files on their own disks.
    • Students are required to log out of the workstation completely when they leave.

**Violation of These Rules May Lead to Revocation of Lab Privileges, Disciplinary Action from SBCC, or other legal actions**