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International Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit Guidelines from International Institutions

PLEASE NOTE: Evaluations are completed only for Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) degrees and certificates; and are not meant to be an evaluation of transfer units to four-year College and/or universities. The Universities of California, California State Universities and most four year institutions perform their own evaluations at the time of application and may not accept evaluations performed by outside evaluation agencies. For transfer questions, please contact the college or university of your choice.

SBCC Transfer of Credit Regulations:

Students requesting to have transfer units to apply towards an SBCC's AA/AS degree, Certificate of Completion, Department Award, or Skills Competency Award may have their previous coursework from a regionally accredited and/or recognized college and/or university evaluated for SBCC unit or subject credit.

The courses must first be translated and evaluated by an approved credential evaluation agency (see below) and then reviewed by the SBCC Transcript Evaluation Office. More information regarding course descriptions and/or outlines may be required by SBCC and some courses may need further approval by the appropriate SBCC department chair. Approved courses will then be given appropriate SBCC unit/subject credit. Official transcripts must be on file in the Admissions & Records Office.

Recognition of International Institutions:

Only credentials issued by recognized institutions as determined by SBCC may be used for admission or transfer credit in the United States. International applicants must establish that the credentials that are submitted to them were obtained at recognized institutions of their origin.
Submit official transcripts and a Transcript Evaluation Translation Report to Santa Barbara City College, Admissions & Records Office, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA, 93109.

If you have attended a recognized Institution outside of the United States and would like UNIT and/or COURSE CREDIT to apply to SBCC's AA/AS degrees, Certificate of Completion, Department Award, or Skills Competency Awards. Credit is authorized for work completed at these institutions under the provisions of this regulation. You must have a current completed Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) Admission Application and be admitted for enrollment.

1. Students petitioning for credit must provide:

  1. Official transcripts from prior institutions
  2. Evaluation of student's transcripts completed by an independent transcript evaluation service approved by SBCC

2. In order to be considered for UNIT credit, the evaluation of the student's transcript, conducted by the independent transcripts evaluation service required on page 3 of this regulation, must include the following:

  1. Description of the country's higher education system and the role of the institution in that system
  2. Verification that the institution is approved by the country's approving/accrediting agency (e.g., ministry of education)
  3. The hours completed and their semester-unit equivalencies.
  4. Grades—U.S. equivalent (i.e., A-F, Pass/No Pass, or percentage), including the percentage required for a passing grade
    1. Unless the provisions of section 5 of this regulation are met, only elective credit may be granted.

3. In order to be considered for COURSE credit, in addition to the requirements of section 3 of this regulation, the evaluation must include the following for each course:

  1. Course description
  2. Topics covered
  3. Hours (lecture hours and/or lab hours)
  4. Prerequisite(s), if applicable
If the student did not take discrete, identifiable courses, the evaluation of the students transcript must provide a list of the topics covered by the curriculum, total hours for each topic, and information as to whether the student passed the curriculum or portions thereof.

4. The Transcript Analyst Office will evaluate all course work and accompanying documents to determine course credit, unit credit, or course equivalency.

5. If course equivalency is granted, the courses shall be used for all degrees and certificates awarded by SBCC, except:

  1. No course taken outside of the United States may be used to satisfy the Associate Degree's Reading and Written Expression or Oral Communication requirement.
  2. No course taken at institutions of higher learning outside the United States may be used to satisfy Associate Degree's American Institutions requirement.
  3. Courses that are part of a program that also meets licensing requirements, must be approved by the receiving college's Academic Senate.

All new college and new transfer students entering SBCC in Spring 2008 or any following semester must complete the Residency Requirement (in addition to the other graduation requirements) to receive an Associate’s Degree, Certificate of Competition, or a Skills Competency Award. It is also required of students who were enrolled at SBCC before Fall 2007, stopped attending for one semester or more, and returned to SBCC in Fall 2007 or after to complete degree requirements. These students are required to complete at least 20% of the department requirements in residence at SBCC.

This evaluation is only valid for Santa Barbara City College and may not necessarily meet the requirements of any other colleges and universities. Those wishing to transfer should consult with their prospective transfer institution.

Instructions for transcripts:

  1. Submit all Official Transcripts from previously attended and recognized International Institutions along with Transcript Evaluation Translation Report.
  2. Transcripts and independent transcript evaluations should be sent directly from prior institutions and agencies in a sealed envelope.

Send to:

Santa Barbara City College
Admissions & Records Office
ATTN: Transcript Analyst Office
721 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109, USA.
SBCC Transcript evaluation processing can take 8-10 weeks.


Note: All transcripts and credential evaluations submitted to SBCC become the property of the SBCC Records Office and are not returnable.  Students are encouraged to obtain duplicate copies of their records from high school and prior college attendance for their personal file.

SBCC’s  Approved Transcript Evaluation Agencies:

Important Notes: 

1. All agencies are private organizations.  It is the responsibility of the student to pay for the services rendered.

2.  The evaluation services listed are the only ones accepted by SBCC.

3. You should request a detailed or comprehensive report that includes a course-by-course review with unit value, grade, and lower/under division breakdown. 

4.  It is important for the student to provide complete and accurate information, following the specific directions of the respective agencies.

ACEI (Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute)
P.O. Box 6908
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phones: (310) 275-3530, (800) 234-1597;
Fax: (310) 275-3528

AERC (American Education Research Center)
P.O. Box 996
West Covina, CA 91793-0996
Phone:  (626) 339-4404; Fax: (626) 339-9081
Web site:

IERF (International Education Research Foundation, Inc. Credentials Evaluation Service)
P.O. Box 3665
Culver City, CA 90231-3665
Telephone: (310) 258-9451;
Fax: (310) 342-7086

WES (World Education Services)
San Francisco Regional Office
P.O. Box 26879
San Francisco, CA 94126-6879
Telephone:  (415) 677-9378
Fax:  (415) 677-9333
OR P.O. Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087
Telephone:  (212) 966-6311
Fax:  (212) 739-6239

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