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Prerequisite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

External Course Information:

What is the deadline to submit a request for prerequisite or corequisite clearance? Deadlines can be found on the Deadlines & Processing Information page.

How long does it take for a prerequisite or corequisite request for clearance to be processed?  Requests are processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of your completed form and all required documentation. This timeframe excludes weekends, holidays, and campus closures. Please note that timelines are subject to change without notification. Additional information can be found on the Deadlines & Processing Information page.

How do I know what the prerequisite is for a class? From the Schedule of Classes you can click on the CRN number of the course that you are interested in and a window will open with the course description. The "PREREQ" information relates to prerequisites. See this sample for more information. 

Do I need to submit a form requesting clearance if I already took, or am currently taking, the prerequisite or corequisite course at Santa Barbara City College? No, you do not need to submit a request for prerequisite or corequisite clearance. Prerequisite and corequisite courses that are completed or in-progress (IP) at SBCC will be cleared automatically, as will SBCC assessment test scores that satisfy prerequisites.

What if I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at SBCC and want to register for a course that requires its completion? You are able to enroll for your desired coursework pending the outcome in the required prerequisite course(s).  You must receive a grade of 'C' or better to remain in the course. If you receive a grade below a 'C' you will be dropped from your course(s) that require the prerequisite.  

Where do I find information regarding the prerequisites and/or corequisites for Health Information Technology (HIT) & Cancer Information (CIM) courses? Visit the Health Information Technology (HIT) & Cancer Information (CIM) website for more information.

What are the options to clear prerequisite and corequisite requirements? There are many ways you can satisfy prerequisite and corequisites, such as assessment, completed courses at SBCC, equivalent courses at other institutions, etc. See the Prerequisite and Corequisite Clearance page for more information on options to clear prerequisite and corequisite requirements.

Where do I find Assessment testing information regarding Math and English or how do I know if I need to take the assessment test? There are many options to satisfy math and English prerequisites; however, high school courses do not meet any prerequisites for math or English classes. Please visit the Assessment Center for information and testing alternatives.

How do I verify prerequisite or corequisite courses completed at other institutions other than SBCC? If you have completed an equivalent or comparable prerequisite or corequisite course at another institution with a grade of "C" or better, complete Prerequisite Clearance Form A.

If I submitted a request for prerequisite/corequisite clearance in the past and it was approved, do I need to complete another form?

    • If you completed Prerequisite Clearance Form A and have been approved for an equivalent course using external coursework, that approval remains in your student profile and you do not need to submit another request form for that same course.   
    • Prerequisite Clearance Form B is only valid for the term for which it is approved. It does not carry over to following semesters.

Example: HIT 201 has a prerequisite requirement of BMS 146. If you completed an equivalent course at an external institution, you do not need to complete another prerequisite clearance request form for any request requiring BMS 146. To view this clearance in your student profile: 

    • Log in to Pipeline
    • Select Student Records from the Registration and Records Channel (usually on the right side of your main page).
    • select View Course Placement and Eligibility.  This will show the assessment placement, credit and eligibility, and course equivalency you have received.  Example:
Date Course Placement and Eligibility


AP Credit for ENG 110/Elg 111


Challenge Elg Math 130/137


High School Spanish (C)


BMS 146 Completed Equivalent

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What if I am currently enrolled in the required prerequisite or corequisite course at another college and want to enroll next term? Only completed coursework is accepted for prerequisite and corequisite purposes. All prerequisite or corequisite coursework from external institutions must be completed prior to enrolling in desired coursework at SBCC.

Where do I submit a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form? There are three ways to submit forms: 

  • Mail: SBCC Transcript Evaluation Office, 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
  • Email: (Do not submit official transcripts to this address. They will not be accepted. Follow these instructions to submit your official transcripts to SBCC.) 
  • In person: SBCC Admissions and Records, Student Services Building SS-110, Window 5

SBCC Student Services hours:
Monday & Thursday: 8:00 am - 4:15 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

I completed a prerequisite clearance form, when can I enroll?  You can enroll in the course once you have received approval of your request. Requests are generally processed within ten (10) business days of receipt, excluding weekends, holidays, and closures. This time line is subject to change without notification. You will receive email notification from The Transcript Evaluation Office ( regarding the status of your request at your SBCC pipeline account.

How do I check the status of my request?  All challenges are processed in the order they are received.  You will receive an email at your SBCC pipeline account regarding the status of your challenge once it has been processed.  

Do my transcripts need to be official?  Yes. Only official transcripts are accepted for prerequisite and corequisite clearance requests, degree, and transfer purposes. 

I ordered transcripts from my previous college, how can I find out if they have been received by SBCC?Use Pipeline to see if SBCC has received official transcripts that you have had sent from other institutions. Follow these step-by-step instructions.

What if I have completed the prerequisite or corequisite through means other than completed coursework?  Some prerequisites or corequisites may be satisfied by means other than coursework (e.g. assessment level, certification, license, portfolio, previous knowledge, etc.). Students have the right to challenge prerequisites and corequisites on various grounds other than completions of coursework, in which case a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form B must be completed.

I received an authorization code, why can't I register?  Your future instructor may have authorized you to add the course; however, you must still complete the prerequisite clearance process. This process is a school requirement which goes beyond the instructor's authority. Follow the prerequisite clearance process and you will be able to use your course authorization code if your request is approved by the Transcript Evaluation Office.

I received clearance of a prerequisite/corequisite from the Transcript Evaluation Office, why can't I register?  An approved request does not guarantee space in any course. In addition, if the course is closed or has already begun you must contact the instructor and request an add authorization code.

If I am dropped from a class and have already paid, what do I do? Visit the Cashier's Office Refund page for information on how to request a refund. 

Where can I find more information on testing and alternatives to testing? Visit the Assessment Center for information on English and Math assessment testing, as well as alternatives to testing such as AP exam scores.

Where can I find more information about SBCC academic policies as they apply to external coursework and exams? Students are highly encouraged to review the Academic Standards and Policies section of the SBCC General Catalog.

Click here for more information on prerequisite and corequisite:

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