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Program Description

Spanish Language Program 

December 29, 2018 - January 13, 2019 

**Leaving the US on December 28th

During the Winter 2018/19 Intersession, you'll be able to experience the South American country of Bolivia! The Spanish language program allows you to travel during your winter break while earning 2-5 UC/CSU transferable Spanish language units....

Meet the friendly people of Cochabamba, a city of over 600,000 residents, and dive into their incredible gastronomy. Cochabambinos are kind and respectful, and you will be amazed by their Andean music and rich history of the Incas, Aymarans, and Quéchuans. Live at an elevation of 8,392 feet and let the intensity of Cochabamba’s sunlight surprise and revitalize you. 

Missions in Santa Cruz and the tropical region of Chapare. Prepare to celebrate Nochevieja, New Year’s Eve, in Santa Cruz and rest up on New Years Day, Año Nuevo. Let the summer breeze of a warm December evening in the beautiful Santa Cruz take you on a journey through time.

Spanish classes are taught by native instructors, and students will be living with a local family.

All things considered, the program offers an incredible opportunity to experience South America and its culture, an adventure that will remain with you forever!

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