STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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STEM 101

What is STEM 101?

This course introduces students to the sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, geography, mathematics, physics, etc.) and their interdependence. Discussion of scientific method through project-based activities, testing of hypotheses, systematic questioning and analysis will be explored throughout the semester. Students will also be instructed in basic concepts of the sciences, the role of science as a human endeavour and the power of scientific inquiry. Finally, students will be exposed to careers in sciences and educational planning.


What are the benefits of being enrolled in this course?

STEM 101 activities and topics include:

 Marine Biology Activity
 How the Brain Works
 Scientific Method
 Group Science Research Project
 Science Lab Report Skills
 Creating and Interpreting Graphs
 UCSB Field Trip
 Biochemistry Activity
 Math Activity
 Guest Speakers
 Panel Discussions
 Library Research Activity
 Career/Transfer Portfolio
 Study Skills in the Sciences



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