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2014-2015 President Goals


2014-2015 Goals
Lori Gaskin
September 25, 2014


Student Success

  • Utilize the opportunity presented with implementation of the Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012, the state’s Student Success and Support Program, and the Student Equity Plan to integrate effective practices associated with student entry into the college, progress through an educational program, and goal attainment.
  • Institutionalize pedagogical and student support practices that have proven effective in addressing student underpreparedness.
  • Complete the Program Location and Land Use Master Plan (PLLUMP) process and utilize this outcome as the framework and catalyst for the college’s Facilities Master Plan.
  • Provide the structure, focus, and leadership to implement Measure S, if successful, in a responsive and timely manner.


  • Complete the college’s self evaluation study in preparation for ACCJC’s comprehensive accreditation visit in Fall 2015.

 Board Relationships

  • Ensure a constructive working relationship with the Board of Trustees in general and the Board president, in particular.
  • Forge an effective working relationship with the new Trustee who will be seated in December 2014.

 Fiscal Oversight

  • Develop a structurally balanced budget for 2015 - 2016.
  • Ensure the Educational Master Plan is institutionalized as the focal point for continuous institutional assessment, improvement, and resource allocation.

 Institutional Effectiveness

  • Complete the Board policies and administrative procedures update project.
  • Implement a regular process for the review and update of Board policies and administrative procedures.


  • Engage the college in addressing community issues of concern related to SBCC students in Isla Vista.
  • Engage the college in addressing community issues of concern related to SBCC students residing in the neighborhoods surrounding the main campus.


  • Launch a program to reduce parking demand and provide alternative transportation options for the main campus.
  • Investigate student housing options.
  • Refine the college’s sexual assault response protocol.
  • Build a strong and mutually supportive relationship with the new Executive Director of the SBCC Foundation. 



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