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2013-14 President Goals


2013-2014 Goals
Lori Gaskin
September 12, 2013


Student Success

  • Strengthen and bring cohesion to our student and instructional support services as a means of providing effective opportunities for engagement and intervention with students from college entry through to goal attainment.
  • Increase opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators to experiment and pilot with emerging initiatives, effective pedagogical practices, and innovative strategies which have the potential to support and strengthen student success.
  • Provide leadership in addressing the need for college-wide facilities and infrastructure improvement and modernization by working with internal and external stakeholders and key partners to determine the feasibility of a bond measure in 2014.


  • Respond to the requirement for a second special report to be submitted in March 2014 as set forth by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges in June 2013.
  • Ensure the institutionalization of the governance practices that have been adopted/adapted/refined as a consequence of being placed on warning in 2012.
  • Initiate the process for the college’s self evaluation study in preparation for ACCJC’s comprehensive accreditation site visit in Fall 2015.

  Board Relationships

  • Ensure an effective working relationship with the Board of Trustees in general and the Board president, in particular.

 Fiscal Stability

  • Create a stronger and more mutually-supportive relationship with the Foundation.
  • Work in concert with the Foundation to promote philanthropic giving in support of the college’s mission and goals.

 Institutional Effectiveness

  • Lead the initiative to complete the updating of all Board policies and administrative procedures.
  • Complete the framework, process, and structure for integrated planning.
  • Complete the college’s Educational Master Plan.


  • Empower employees through involvement in participatory governance.
  • Empower employees through the cultivation of a climate of mutual trust, respect, clarity of expectations, and fairness.
  • Grow the community’s understanding of the college’s mission and purpose.


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