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Prerequisite Challenge Form B

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FORM B: Verification of prerequisite and/or corequisite(s) based on grounds other than coursework such as work experience, native language, license, etc. It is the student's responsibility to provide compelling evidence to support the challenge, a written statement of your reason for challenging the prerequisite (e.g. professional or work experience).

Verification Form B must provide the following information:

  1. Student Information
  2. Grounds for the challenge:
    • Student has the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course despite not meeting the prerequisite (e.g. student has prior work experience, credit by exam, license or certification that satisfies the prerequisite, or other criteria identified by the student).
    • The prerequisite course has not been made reasonably available.
    • The prerequisite is discriminatory or applied in a discriminatory manner.
    • The prerequisite is not necessary for success (for anyone) in the course.
    • The prerequisite approval did not follow SBCC District Policy.
  3. Course Information:
    • Course you wish to enroll in: SPAN 103
    • Prerequisite/corequisite you wish to challenge: SPAN 102
  4. Attach a typed or written reasoning for the challenge Signature on form
    • Reasoning must include the following:
      • A statement explaining/supporting the basis for your prerequisite/corequisite challenge (i.e. professional or work experience)
      • “I really need this class…” is not acceptable
    • Reasoning must be attached on separate paper
      • A sentence written on this form is not sufficient reasoning
  5. Signature on form
  6. Submit form
    1. In person: SBCC Admissions & Records Office: SS- 110
    2. By mail: Transcript Evaluation Office 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA, 9310
    3. By


  • Only approved verification forms will be cleared to register in desired class
  • Verification decisions are made at the discretion by the department chairs offering the course
  • Once your Prerequisite Verification Form is processed, you will receive notification of your verification status via your SBCC pipeline email
  • Verification forms are processed in the order received, excluding holidays and weekends
  • Verification Form B's are reviewed and decisions are made at the discretion by the department chairs offering the course
  • The Transcript Evaluation Office has the right to request further information from the student and has the right to deny any verification form based on the above information

ONCE VERIFICATION FORM B IS APPROVED: the approval is ONLY valid for the term it was approved, it does not carry over to the next semester. If you never register or drop the approved class, a new Prerequisite Verification Form is required if you wish to enroll in the same course in another term. This is ONLY for PREREQUISITE VERIFICATION FORM B.


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