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Prerequisite Challenge Form A


FORM A: Challenge of prerequisite and/or corequisite(s) based on successful completion of equivalent external coursework from regionally accredited colleges, universities or high schools. Attach valid OFFICIAL transcript(s) with completed coursework. Examples of coursework used for Prerequisite Challenges are: college and university courses, high school classes (foreign language courses ONLY); AP and SAT test scores.

Challenge Form A must provide the following information: 

  1. Student Information including SBCC ID/K# (K00123456)
  2. Course Information Successful completion of external coursework: grade of C or better for college courses and grade of C- or better for high school courses
    1. Class you WANT to take at SBCC: CHEM 155
    2. List all the Prerequisites and/or corequisites required for that course: CHEM 101 and MATH 107
    3. Name of Institution where you completed the prerequisite/corequisite: ALLAN HANCOCK COLLEGE
    4. The course number at previous institution: MATH 331 AND CHEM 120
    5. Grade received: B+ Term completed: Fall 2008
  3. Successful completion of external coursework: grade of C or better for college courses and grade of C- or better for high school courses
  4. Only Official transcripts with completed prerequisite coursework are accepted for Prerequisite Challenge Form A, see transcript information below 
  5. Signature on form
  6. Submit Prerequisite Challenge form: 
    1. SBCC Admissions & Records Office: SS- 110 or the Assessment Center SS-250
    2. By mail: 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA, 93103
    3. By email to
    4. By fax 805.962.0497
Processing information: 
  • All challenges will be processed in the order they are received
  • Once your Prerequisite Challenge Form is processed by the Transcript Evaluation Office you will receive an email notification regarding the status of your challenge via your SBCC pipeline email
  • Prerequisite Challenges will be addressed within 10 business days, (subject to change)*, excluding holidays and weekends

ONCE CHALLENGE FORM A IS APPROVED: The clearance is permanent and remains in your student profile. Example: Student submits a Prerequisite Challenge Form A to enroll in ENG 111 because they completed an English Composition course at another community college. The challenge is approved; the English course completed is equivalent to SBCC ENG 110. The student is “cleared” for completing ENG 110 so the system allows them to register in SBCC ENG 111 or any other course requiring ENG 110 as a prerequisite; such as ENG JOUR 271, PHIL 111, or FS 173.


Transcript Information:

The Transcript Evaluation Office will only accept Official Transcripts from Regionally Accredited Institutions

Please click here for further transcript information 

If you have completed coursework at other institutions, contact all the schools you have attended and request to have your official transcripts sent to SBCC.  There may be a fee. 

Sending Official Transcripts 

By Mail:
Admissions & Records
Santa Barbara City College
721 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

In person:
Official Transcripts may be delivered to SBCC Admissions & Records department in a SEALED envelope from sending institution

View if your official transcripts have been received by SBCC: Follow the step-by-step instructions.
Note: Admissions & Records does not evaluate incoming transcripts for course credit. Review transcript evaluation policies and procedures here.
SBCC Transcript information:



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