IMPORTANT: STOA is on indefinite hiatus.

Current Issue (pdf)

STOA, Vol.4, Supplement (2009)

STOA - The International Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

CPE publishes STOA as a forum for celebrating and nurturing the philosophical growth of undergraduate students in addition to providing the general reader with access to a range of quality academic writings from novice philosophers. The journal has a particular interest in publishing undergraduate papers from a wide range of countries around the world, thereby fostering cooperation between scholars and students from a variety of backgrounds. Through the publication of undergraduate philosophy papers submitted by professors, STOA recognizes and supports the vital pedagogical position of mentor. For many undergraduates, the finding of a mentor is often the pivotal intellectual experience in their undergraduate education. Both the student and the supervising faculty member will be credited in STOA.

Submissions should be sent to the Center for Philosophical Education in care of the Editor. While there is no fixed length for submissions, only undergraduate submissions will be accepted and each submission must be made through a college or university faculty member who is formally recommending the student’s paper. Papers should be submitted as a hard copy (double-spaced standard format) and electronically in Microsoft Word (on Macintosh-formatted disc, USB drive, or as an e-mail attachment).

Sample Earlier Issues (pdf):

STOA vol. 1:2 (1998)

STOA vol. 3:1 (2002)

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