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May 27, 2014

Joan Galvan, Public Information Officer
(805) 730-4107

SBCC Update Regarding Isla Vista Tragedy - May 27, 7 a.m.

Following commencement ceremonies on May 23, Santa Barbara City College is now on recess until Summer Session begins June 16.  For this reason, no memorial service is planned on the SBCC campus for the victims of the May 23 Isla Vista tragedy.  However, many of our students, faculty, staff, administrators and board members will be attending the memorial service at UCSB on Tuesday, May 27 at Harder Stadium. 

SBCC President Lori Gaskin said, “We feel a strong need to gather together with our UCSB colleagues and students, our extended student family in Isla Vista, and the community. Doing so provides an important means of connecting with each other, reflecting upon the circumstances which have brought us together, and honoring those who have been lost or injured as a result of this inexplicable action. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers remain focused on the victims and their loved ones."

As mentioned in earlier statements, SBCC will offer counseling and support services for students to assist those in need with the healing process. Crisis counseling also will be available for SBCC employees. 

SBCC Update Regarding Isla Vista Tragedy - May 24, 7:30 p.m.

As details of the Isla Vista tragedy continue to be released, it has now been confirmed by law enforcement that the assailant was named Elliot Rodger. According to our information, Rodger had registered at SBCC at various times during the last three years but had either stopped attending or withdrew from all courses. Before that, in 2011, he completed three courses. The college has not located any record of discipline or other issues.

To our knowledge, none of the identified deceased victims were students at the college.

As previously reported, the college is working closely with UCSB to provide counseling and support to students..  Services are available currently at UCSB for all students and will be offered at the SBCC campus beginning next week.  We are also providing grief counseling for SBCC employees.

We express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the victims and their families and for those who were injured during this extremely tragic and senseless incident.  

SBCC Statement Regarding Isla Vista Tragedy - May 24, 11 a.m.

Our hearts are aching as we learn about the tragedy that unfolded in Isla Vista last night. There are no words to express the sadness we have for the victims and their families and for all the residents of Isla Vista. We know our students co-mingle with UCSB students and Isla Vista residents as part of our greater community and we all, as an extended family, are impacted by this unimaginable event. 

We are fully cooperating with law enforcement and, for that reason, are not able to provide additional information at this time.

Further, we are coordinating with UCSB to provide counseling and support to our students. We are also mobilizing to provide counseling and support next week on campus to our SBCC students who seek such service. 

And we are arranging for grief counseling for any employee who wishes to access such services.

SBCC President Lori Gaskin said, “In times of tragedy, we need to turn to each other for support, care for each other as we grieve for the victims, and pull together in compassion and strength.”



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