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SBCC Interior Design Students’ Work To Be Showcased on Local TV
design center
From left to right: SBCC Interior Design Instructor, Diana Costea, Santa Barbara Design Center owner Michael Kourosh, Interior Design students Edgar Cruz and Cynthia Daly

Creating interior environments that are both functional and pleasing requires a multitude of decisions: how to use color, where to position each element, what textures best suit the purpose, etc. For four SBCC Interior Design students -- Cynthia Daly, Edgar Cruz, Aubree Mendez, and Riley Hammond -- the result of such decisions will be on display when local TV show “Design Santa Barbara” showcases their work on two successive Sundays, October 20 and 27, 2018, at 10 p.m.

“Design Santa Barbara” is an award-winning interior decorating series promoting local interior designers and hosted by the owner of Santa Barbara Design Center, Michael Kourosh. Using the furniture at the Santa Barbara Design Center and the space provided by Mr. Kourosh, each student was given the opportunity to design a living room. 

The starting point was different for each student. For Cynthia Daly, “I wanted it to be a casual, comfortable space that you could kick back in and relax. I wanted it to have a rustic/eclectic/bohemian feel with lots of texture and dimension.”

Aubree Mendez explained, “I wanted to create a timeless space with a mixture of natural lighting, rich colors, nature-inspired materials and organic elements.” 

While each student’s space is unique, they all draw from fundamental design principles learned in SBCC’s Interior Design program. Elements such as color, lighting, lines, repetition and balance were considered as the students selected rugs, chairs, sofas, tables and accessories.

During the televised program, and using their rooms as the setting, Mr. Kourosh will interview each student, asking about the concept and inspiration behind their design choices. Afterward Mr. Kourosh and SBCC Interior Design Instructor, Diana Costea, will offer a critique and comments.

To be eligible to participate in this opportunity, students have to have performed well in the classes they have taken thus far and demonstrated artistic talent. The four selected this term were chosen by different teachers in the Interior Design program and approved by Armando Arias, the head of the department.

When asked to sum up the experience, Cynthia Daly replied, “I want to thank Michael [Kourosh] and all of his staff. They were wonderful and so very helpful. It was a great experience and I learned a lot!

To read the full interview with Cynthia Daly, click here. 

“Design Santa Barbara” airs every Saturday on ABC KEYT Channel 3 at 10 p.m. Past episodes can be viewed

room designed by Cynthia Daly
Cynthia Daly's Living Room Design, now on display at the Santa Barbara Design Center

Aubree and her room
Aubree Mendez in the Living Room Design she created, now on display at the Santa Barbara Design Center

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