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SBCC Board praises Superintendent/President Dr. Anthony Beebe for his outstanding performance
Superintendent/President Dr. Anthony E. Beebe
Superintendent/President Dr. Anthony E. Beebe

On Thursday June 28, 2018, the Santa Barbara Community College District Board of Trustees completed its annual evaluation for Superintendent/President Dr. Anthony Beebe, and unanimously agreed that Dr. Beebe’s leadership of the college has been outstanding.   

Veronica Gallardo, SBCC Board President announced the conclusion of the evaluation and praised Dr. Beebe’s work on behalf of the college at the Board’s regular meeting on June 28. She emphasized that Dr. Beebe has demonstrated exceptional leadership for the college and a deep commitment to furthering the relationship between the college and community from the first day he arrived two years ago. “We could not be more pleased with his tireless work and the Board looks forward to working with Dr. Beebe for many years to come” said Board President Gallardo. 

Dr. Beebe led the college through a year that was both unusually challenging and full of many achievements by SBCC’s students, faculty and staff.  For more details on those achievements from the Promise Program to Excellence in Education and much more, please visit the SBCC 2017-18 Annual Report to the Community.

As an education leader, Dr. Beebe has championed programs with proven effectiveness in improving student success, particularly the Guided Pathways initiative. He has a clear view of the importance of educating students about diverse viewpoints, critical thinking and respectful discourse. Dr. Beebe has communicated to the college community the importance of educating and empowering students to be able to think critically about many different topics. A community college “should provide the information and tools necessary for students to be able to understand different viewpoints and articulate complex arguments, engage in spirited debate, and do so with respect,” said Dr. Beebe. 

The Board is also proud that Dr. Beebe provided his experienced steady leadership to the college in responding to the needs of our community during the fire and flood – opening the Campus to serve as a Red Cross shelter for debris flow evacuees, sleeping quarters for first responders and a temporary school location for Montecito Union School – while simultaneously responding to the needs of SBCC students and staff affected by the Thomas Fire and January debris flows.     

Dr. Beebe came to the college with 10 years of experience as a California Community College President and is a highly respected senior member of the California and national community college systems. He has published extensively on the work, importance and mission of community colleges and holds two doctorates. Despite his credentials and strong references, Dr. Beebe intentionally chose to start at SBCC at a modest salary relative to his peers. The average tenure of a Community College President in California is three years. Both the Board and Dr. Beebe wanted steady long-term leadership for the college and a deep relationship between the college and the community. Dr. Beebe’s evaluation last year was also excellent. However he declined a raise in pay. The Board has firmly concluded that with Dr. Beebe, SBCC has the leadership it needs to move forward confidently in building student success and meeting the needs of our community.  Reflecting that judgment, the Board unanimously extended Dr. Beebe’s contract to 2022 (the maximum term allowed by law) and took steps to increase his compensation to a level closer to that of his peers.  

Dr. Beebe said “ I am truly thrilled and humbled to work with such an outstanding Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and administration at SBCC. I am proud to represent the college in a community that cares so deeply about education for students of all ages."

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