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SBCC Student Interior Designers Featured in Local Design TV Show

sbcc design students

From left to right: Design Santa Barbara host Michael Kourosh, SBCC Interior Design instructor Diana Costea, and SBCC interior design students Marrisa Dumford and Anna Parfenova

A couple of lavish living rooms created by two SBCC students majoring in Interior Design will be featured on the local television program
Design Santa Barbara, airing Saturday, June 16, on KEYT. In a collaboration with the SBCC Interior Design program, Santa Barbara Design Center owner Michael Kourosh provided space, furniture, rugs and accessories for students Anna Parfenova and Marrisa Dumford to turn their ideas for designed rooms into realities. Viewers tuning in will have a chance to meet the student designers, observe their created living spaces, and learn about the technical and creative processes implemented by both students. The rooms are also currently on display at the Santa Barbara Design Center.

“This project is a synthesis of the knowledge the students acquired in the Interior Design program and an outlet for them to express their creativity,” says SBCC Drafting-CAD-Interior Design instructor Diana Costea. “Each student had to start with a design concept, think about a style for the room, apply the elements and principles of design they learned and use all mediums available to them to express their creations. After completion they had to explain on camera their thought process and execution. The two rooms shared many similarities, yet they were almost opposites, reflecting Anna and Marrisa’s personalities, strong design senses and backgrounds.”

Marrisa graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from UCSB last year and is pursuing the Interior Design degree at SBCC to ultimately achieve her goal of becoming a licensed interior designer. “Interior design allows you to be creative while still requiring you to have strong technical skills in problem solving, budgeting, construction documents, etc.,” says Marrisa. “The field really allows you to explore many different areas of business while also having the opportunity to create beautiful designs and help improve someone’s life.”

“A good designer should also be a psychologist, an artist, an electrician, a plumber, a marketer, an economist, and an excellent negotiator,” says Anna, a second-year interior design student at City College. “It's wonderful that you can tackle the challenges of ergonomics in a space, develop an unusual idea, make a space unique, and give it special character. Knowledge of several drafting and rendering programs gives a huge advantage to any candidate or employee in this profession.”

“I am very grateful to all the teachers of our program for all the knowledge, skills and practical recommendations that they give us,” says Anna. “They have helped and inspired us to open up and find our own style in a creative profession. A personal thank-you to Armando Arias del Cid, my teacher and department chair, for believing in me and always being supportive.”

Michael Kourosh with Anna Parfenova in the room she designed at Santa Barbara Design Center  Michael Kourosh with Marrisa Dumford and the room she designed at Santa Barbara Design Center
From left to right: 
Michael Kourosh with Anna Parfenova in the room she designed at Santa Barbara Design Center; Michael Kourosh with Marrisa Dumford and the room she designed at Santa Barbara Design Center.


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