Songwriting at SBCC

The Songwriting class at Santa Barbara City College allows students to explore their creativity and build skills in songwriting and performance. The class is taught by Music Department Chairman, John Clark. The class contains several units of study: lyrics, chord progressions, melody, and song structure. There is also a lot of live performance in the class where the instructor and students give critiques and feedback to the performers.

Students need to have some skills in guitar, piano, or singing to be successful in this class. There are several public performances each semester. Recent concerts by SBCC Songwriters have drawn overflow crowds around town and on campus.

This class also features visits from some of the great songwriters in recent pop music. David Crosby, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Glen Phillips, Chuck Canon, and Ben Margulies, who wrote most of the songs on Mariah Carey's first album, have all been recent visitors to the SBCC Songwriting Class.

Audio Samples

Anastatia, Zombie Girlfriend
Scott Lillard
How It Feels To Lose
Natalie Noone
Michael Easbey
Get Lost In A Song
Evan Parker
Halloween Love
Brittany Batastini
Nicolette 23
Rob Raede
When You Start
Spencer Vincent
With The Devil
Natalie Noone
World Races
Spencer Vincent
Ben and Eric