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- Applied Music -

  • What is Applied Music?
  • Applied Music (MUS 185) is a department sponsored set of private lessons (usually one per week) for qualified music majors.
  • It is open to intermediate or advanced vocalists or instrumentalists.
  • Students in the Applied Music program improve their performance, stage presence, and audition skills, and become better able to compete for admission into 4-year music programs. Enrollment is merit based, limited and therefore not guaranteed.
  • How do I qualify?
  • Be enrolled in Musicianship & Theory (Mus 102/202 & Mus 104/204)
    have successfully passed all music theory and musicianship classes
  • Be enrolled in a department performance group
  • Pass the applied music audition
  • When and where is the audition?
  • Auditions are held the first Friday of the semester starting at 12:30 p.m., in choral room DM-101
  • What should I do to audition?
  • Go to the Music Office (DM-104) sometime during the first four days of the semester, fill out a brief application, and sign up for an audition time.
  • Applicants have a maximum of 5 minutes to audition and should prepare one piece that demonstrates their musicianship and technical achievement. This piece will be performed for the SBCC Music Department Applied Audition panel.
  • Dress in appropriate concert attire, similar to what you would wear for a job interview. (Jeans, shorts, tank tops, or sandals are not appropriate).
  • Show up at least 15 minutes before your audition time.
  • All new students must take an audition to be admitted to the program.
  • Students who have taken and passed MUS 185/285 in the previous semester do not have to re-audition.
  • What should I do after the audition
  • If you pass the audition, the department chair will notify you that weekend.
  • You will then need to get the proper add codes from the music office during the second week of the semester
  • Contact your applied music instructor and set up lesson times.
  • What if I am not accepted in the Applied Music Program?
  • SBCC offers a variety of technique classes for most instruments and voice. You may consider taking such a course to sharpen your skills before you re-audition.
  • What are the Applied Music Program Requirements?
  • Failure to meet all the requirements will result in a lowered grade and/or removal from the program.
  • Practice
  • Log 6 hours of practice per week (for a total of 84 hours per semester).
  • Perform in Recitals
  • Perform in two of the three Friday Applied recitals. At the private instructor’s discretion, one solo performance in a Department of Music concert may be substituted for one recital.
  • At least 48 hours before the recital you must send an email to Dr. Margaret Hontos with your performance information. The email should include:
  • Your name
  • Name and composer of the piece you are performing
  • Name of your accompanist and/or any other people playing with you
  • Vocal pieces in a foreign language should include a translation of the text
  • It is the students’ responsibility to sign up for recitals by the deadline. No late recital entries will be accepted.
  • Each applied student performing in a combo must prepare their own piece, highlighting the individual work they have been doing with their private instructor.
  • Dress in appropriate concert attire, similar to what you would wear for a job interview. (Jeans, shorts, tank tops, or sandals are not appropriate).

  • Juries
  • Prepare for an end of year jury, which is held at 12:30pm on the Friday before finals week. Sign up for a time in the music office (DM-104).

  • Classical Performers:

    New repertoire must be presented for the end of semester jury. At the discretion of the private instructor, this requirement may be waived.

  • Jazz Performers:

    Each Jazz student must learn five jazz standards per semester. Instructor chooses tunes according to skill level.

    At the juries, the panel will pick from the five tunes you have studied over the semester. They must all be memorized.

    • Guitar, Piano, Jazz Vocalist, and Vibes/Marimba •

    Each student must play the melody, solo over the changes, and when applicable, play the chord changes.

    • Drummers •

    Play through the melody, the form and a solo for each selection on a recording. Drummers should include several bars of a rhythm pattern in each of the following styles: swing, be-bop, latin, funk and rock. Drummers should also demonstrate the use of brushes on one or more of the selections included on the recording.

  • Perform in and SBCC Performance Group:

  • Students must remain current in a performance ensemble. Students who are accepted into the program that have not enrolled in a performance group by the end of second week will be dropped. Failure to complete performance requirements for the semester will result in an F in the applied class.
  • How long can one continue in the program?
  • Students may remain in the class (MUS 185,186/MUS 285,286) for four (4) semesters. Continued enrollment from semester to semester is contingent upon meeting all the requirements:
  • Keep practice hours up to date.
  • Prepare lessons and be punctual.
  • Perform in at least two noon recitals and a final jury each semester.
  • Participate loyally and cheerfully in a large ensemble.