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SBCC Marine Diving Technology Search


Visit some of our favorite resources and friends in the multidisciplinary fields that our program and alumni are associated with.

Marine Technology

The Marine Technology Society - More than just diving...Learn about "the industry"- and the multitude of multidisciplinary careers that are ocean related.

Davis Boats- California's favorite boat builder just up the road in Paso Robles.

University of California Santa Barbara- Our colleagues up the freeway in the Marine Science Institute.

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society- A great resource for hyperbaric medicine and related issues.

Diving Medicine Online- The most comprehensive dive medicine site that is dedicated to the non-physician.

Divers Alert Network- International resource for diving medicine, emergencies, research and training. Built by divers for divers.

Marine Marketing & Consulting - full service marketing and consulting business for the diving and marine-related industries.

SCUBA & Technical Diving

NAUI- National Association of Underwater Instructors. Safety through Education.

IANTD- International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers. The folks who brought Nitrox and technical diving out of the closet.

Hammerhead Press- Commercial Diving and Recreational Diving books by Steve Barsky and others.

Commercial Diving

Oceanaut Press- The "History of Oilfiled Diving" represents 20 years of research and work by MDT Alumnus Chris Swann. It is a seminal piece of work in our industry. No Commercial Diver should be without this book in their library.

Hammerhead Press- Commercial Diving and Recreational Diving books by Steve Barsky and others.

ANSI- Click here to download ANSI/ACDE-01-2009 Commercial Diver Training Minimimum Standard


Government Agencies