Interior Design

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ID 100: Introduction to Interior Design
(1) F, S - CSU
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 103; Math 4
Corequisites: ID 100L

Overview of the interior design profession and preparation for a career in that field. How the interior designer contributes to the design team, and how the interior designer works and communicates with the client and consultants.

ID 100L: Introduction to Interior Design Lab
(1) Fall, Spring, Summer - CSU
Skills Advisory: Eligibility for ENG 103, proficiency in MATH 4
Corequisite: ID 100

Assigned projects focus on application of content presented in ID100 and promote understanding of the responsibilities of interior designers, facilitate development of a vocabulary, and to communicate with clients and consultants. Students will apply the design process to analyze and improve interior spaces.

ID 101: Space Planning And Lighting
(3) F, S - CSU
Skills Advisories: MATH 1 and Eligibility for ENG 103
Corequisites: DRFT 120

In this hands-on course, students study the development of interior spaces, both residential and commercial. Topics include the design process, codes, human factors, space requirements and furniture layouts. Elements of lighting design and room-by-room lighting options will be taught.

ID 102: Textiles
(3) F - CSU
Skills Advisories: Eligibility for ENG 103 and proficiency in MATH 1
Corequisite: DRFT 120

Overview of the types of textiles and their composition and characteristics to aid in informed textile-related decision making by the interior design professional.

ID 103: Historical Furniture
(3) F - CSU
Skills Advisories: MATH 1 and Eligibility for ENG 103

Study of furniture and interior styles, from antiquity to contemporary design. Study of the evolution of furniture design elements within the historical context of their construction and use. Includes identification of unique design elements of selected pieces of furniture.

ID 104: Materials And Installations
(3) F- CSU
Skills Advisories: MATH1 and Eligibility for ENG 103

Introduction to the materials and installation processes common to the field of interior design. Includes residential and commercial applications. Emphasizes procurement, pricing and manufacturers' specifications.

ID 105: Kitchen And Bathroom Design
(3) S - CSU
Skills Advisories: MATH 1 and Eligibility for ENG 103
Co-requisites: DRFT 120
Course Advisories: ART 140 and DRFT 124~br/~

Study of kitchen and bathroom design in a residential setting. Thorough analysis of kitchen shapes, layouts, construction, space plans, materials, products, lighting and accessories. Forty kitchen design guidelines identified. Emphasis on plans, cabinet measurements, traffic paths and work triangles. Special emphasis on barrier-free designs in kitchens and baths.

ID 106: Business Practices And Design
(3) S - CSU
Skills Advisories: MATH 4 and Eligibility for ENG 98 and ENG 103
Co-requisites: DRFT 124
Course Advisories: ART 140

Surveys the standard materials for interior design presentation to an actual residential or commercial client. Focuses on the development of a portfolio; verbal and graphic presentation; exploration of media common to the marketplace; and gaining proficiency in the application of business practices to interior design.

ID 290: Work Experience In Interior Design
(1-4) F, S - CSU
Prerequisite: ID 101 or ID 102 or ID 103 or ID 104 or ID 105
Corequisite: ID 100

Work experience on a job/project directly related to interior design, to acquire skills and attitudes to enter and/or progress in interior design occupation. Students have been enrolled in at least one class (other than Work Experience) in their major, plus have a major-related work experience station.

ID NC002: Bathroom Design

Study of bathroom design in a residential setting. Thorough analysis of bathroom shapes, layouts, construction, floor plans, fixtures, materials, lighting and accessories. Twenty seven bathroom design guidelines identified. Emphasis on barrier-free design.

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