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HNRS 100 (0.5 units) - Honors Colloquium 

ANTH 101H (4 units) - Physical Anthropology, Honors

ANTH 102H (4 units) - Introduction to Archaeology, Honors

ART 103H (3 units)- History of Art, Prehistoric to Gothic, Honors

ART 104H (3 units)- History of Art, Renaissance to Modern, Honors

BIOL 110H (4 units)- Natural Science, Honors

BLST 102H (4 units)- The African-American in U.S. History from Civil Rights Movement to Present, Honors

COMM 121H (3 units)- Interpersonal Communication, Honors

COMM 131H (3 units)- Fundamentals of Public Speaking, Honors

ENG 110H (3 units)- Composition and Reading, Honors

ENG 111H (3 units)- Critical Thinking and Composition through Literature, Honors

ENG 222H (4 units)- Survey of British Literature, Honors

ENG 226H (3 units)- American Literature, Honors

ENG 292H (2 units)- Advanced Literary Analysis, Honors

ERTH 101H (4 units)- Introductory Astronomy, Honors

ERTH 111H (4 units)- Dynamic Earth - Physical Geology, Honors

ETHS 101H/HIST 114 (4 units)- The Immigrant Experience in the U.S., Honors

FS 101H (4 units)- Introduction to Film, Honors

HIST 102H (4 units)- History of the United States, Honors

HIST 110H (4 units)- History of American Women, Honors

HIST 113H (4 units)- History of Western Civilization: 1600 to Present, Honors

HIST 114/ETHS 101H (4 units)- The Immigrant Experience in the U.S., Honors

MATH 117H (4 units)- Elementary Statistics, Honors

MUS 110H (4 units)- Music Appreciation, Honors

PHIL 100H (4 units)- Introduction to Philosophy, Honors

PHIL 101H (4 units)- Introduction to Ethics, Honors

PHIL 102H (3 units)- Comparative World Religions, Honors

POLS 106H (4 units)- The Presidency and American Institutions, Honors

POLS 134H (4 units)- Political Violence, Honors

POLS 151H (3 units)- Law and Society, Honors

PSY 100H (4 units)- General Psychology, Honors

SOC 101H (4 units)- Introduction to Sociology, Honors

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